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Zoo Wars

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Zoo Wars
Zoo Wars.jpg
Zoo Animals for sure wouldn't go to war in outer space!
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Evan Tramel
Produced By: Evan Tramel
Written By: Evan Tramel
Starring: KJ Schrock
Bobbi Maxwell
Bill Oberst Jr.
Photography: Color
Distributed By: WowNow Entertainment
Release Date: 27 April 2018
Runtime: 70 minutes
Country: United States
Sequel: Zoo Wars 2: Into the Zooverse

Zoo Wars is a 2018 Sci-Fi mockbuster created by WowNow Entertainment.

Why It Sucks

  1. To start off, the animation is just atrocious. Everything looks and feels like something out of a SFM (Source Filmmaker) video from YouTube, despite that software being good. Even the character models are ugly.
  2. This film is a rip-off of the Star Wars franchise due to having very similar concepts; plus, it has the iconic rolling text that gives some backstory that is very similar to Star Wars. On top of that, even the title rips off the aforementioned film franchise.
  3. The character names are terrible and uncreative, such as Bongo Bananas, Boo Boo Squeal, and Princess Sparklefeather to name some, as if they got the names from a children’s nursery rhyme video.
    • Besides that, the protagonist's name is literally called "Nuke", yes that's the actual name; this shows that the people at WowNow Entertainment don't know how to come up with an actual good name. That issue is also present in other films created by the same studio.
  4. It has tons and tons of filler, and most of the entire time, there's a boring character conversation that goes on 10 minutes long, again that issue is also present in other films created by the same studio.
  5. Poor voice acting that doesn't sound like the voice actors aren't trying in the slightest.
  6. False advertising: Despite the tagline, "It's a jungle out there!," there are no jungles or cages in the actual film.
  7. Terrible lip-syncing, as it barely matches the character's dialogue.
  8. Ridiculous plot twist: Nuke the elephant apparently was not the chosen one, but he was very powerful and becomes too powerful, and Bongo Bananas erases his memory. However, somebody else was there who learned the way of the power of the sauce and becomes just as powerful and that character is Filippo the flea, who was on his ear and he really was the chosen one the whole time and not Nuke, and the reason he couldn't help is because he got stuck in Nuke's earwax.
  9. Very shallow and unlikeable characters.
  10. It has a very bad action scene between Nuke and Boo Boo Squeal, as Filippo apparently itches the villain causing him to surrenders, and that's all.
  11. They do not explain what the supposed “sauce powers” are supposed to do or even mean at all, making you confused on why the characters keep talking about it.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Although poorly written, at least this one has some actual story along with some WowNow Entertainment movies.


While the movie hasn't been reviewed by professional critics, it received negative reviews from some users such as "Spice Lord of Cinder" and "DazzReviews". It currently holds 2.6 scores on IMDb.

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