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Zombie Lake (1981)

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Zombie Lake (French: Le lac des morts vivants) is a 1981 Spanish-French horror movie about Nazi zombies. It was supposed to be directed by Jesus Franco, but he left and the directing job was given to Jean Rollin.


In a small village somewhere in France, Nazi soldiers, who were killed and thrown into a lake by the French Resistance during WWII, come back to life as zombies.

Why It Sucks

  1. The zombie makeup is so awful looking.
  2. Some of the dialogue is loose and disconnected.
  3. We don't really know how much time is between certain shots.
  4. The acting is pretty tedious.
  5. We get a long flashback of when the village was in WWII.
  6. We have a romantic subplot that is supposed to be essential to the movie.
  7. In one scene after the French woman gave birth, she talks to her husband (the Nazi) and that bit is ADRed on purpose, so unless the DVD has subtitles, it is silent.
  8. In this one scene, a bunch of girls for a Basket P.F.I.Z. team arrive at the lake, and apparently they wore the wrong apparel to the shoot (they wore 80's-style shorts, and this movie takes place in the 50's).
  9. This movie has the tendency to mix up ghosts and zombies.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The opening scene was good.