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Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

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Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines
Genre: Horror
Directed By: Declan O'Brien
Produced By: Jeffery Beach
Phillip Roth
Written By: Declan O'Brien
Starring: Doug Bradley
Camilla Arfwedson
Simon Ginty
Roxanne McKee
Paul Luebke
Oliver Hoare
Kyle Redman Jones
Distributed By: Summit Entertainment
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Release Date: October 23, 2012
Runtime: 91 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $3 million
Franchise: Wrong Turn
Prequel: Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings
Sequel: Wrong Turn (chronological)
Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (production)

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines is a 2012 slasher film. It is the sequel to Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings and a prequel to the 2003 film Wrong Turn.


In the city of Fairlake, Greenbrier County in West Virginia, the Hillickers—Three Finger, Saw Tooth, and One Eye start a murdering rampage with the help of serial killer Maynard Odets where they first murder news reporter, Kaleen Webber.

Meanwhile, five friends; Billy, his girlfriend Cruz, Lita, her boyfriend Gus and Julian are on their way to Fairlake to celebrate the Mountain Man Music Festival for Halloween. Along the way, they almost run over Maynard who attacks them. Billy, Gus and Julian attack him out of self-defense, but are all apprehended along with Lita and Cruz by town sheriff Angela Carter and her deputy partner Kevin Biggs. While Carter leaves to take them to the police station, the cannibals appear and kill Biggs. Locked up in the police station, Billy convinces Carter to release his friends as he owns his drugs and they left as he remained in his cell. Meanwhile, the cannibals use their truck to pull down a phone pole, taking out service to the town. They then proceed to the power plant, where they kill a guard and shut down the town's electricity. While most of the townspeople have attended the festival, the teens register at a motel to stay while waiting for their friend to be released by his family's lawyer. On her way to visit Billy, Cruz is chased by Three Finger who kills her. After Julian leaves the motel back to the police station, Gus is abducted by the cannibals while One Eye attempts to capture Lita but she manages to escape.

Carter sees the cannibals drop Gus, who had his legs crippled. She attempts to save him, but the cannibals run him over with their pick-up truck, killing him. Carter frees Billy and gives him, Julian and prisoner Mose shotguns to guard the station while she sneaks into an appliance store to communicate radio jockey Teddy asking him to call for backup, but he rudely dismisses her message as a joke. After Lita manages to reach the police station, Billy and Julian left to search for Cruz despite Carter's objections. They wander the streets and find Cruz's dead body; while trying to get the body back to the station, they encounter the cannibals, who capture them and place them in a football pitch, where Three Finger kills both with a snow blower. Carter then sends Mose to search for the deputies, but he unknowingly runs over a barbed wire in the road and crashes. He awakens to find himself captured by the cannibals, who burn him alive. After hearing Mose's screams over the radio, Carter exits the station as Lita unwittingly releases Maynard, who stabs her eyes out. Carter finds her husband Jason bound in a car and tries to help him, but a sickle tied to the door guts his body as Three Finger fights the sheriff before overpowering and capturing her.

Carter awakens in the jail cell with her hands tied to the ceiling. Maynard gives her the option of her death by fire or from a shotgun with the trigger tied to her feet. As they burn down the cell, Carter eventually triggers the shotgun, killing herself. Lita, unable to see, is captured by Maynard and the cannibals before being driven away into the woods, screaming.

Why It Sucks

  1. This movie is unnecessary, as the story causes pointless plot holes in the timeline.
    • This film takes place in 2003, same year that the previous film and the original movie take place in. How is the transition of the Hillickers between multiple locations made this quickly in a year?
    • Who is Maynard Odets, and what's his relationship with the Hillickers? He's apparently the Old Timer from the first 2 movies, and is the father of the 3 cannibals.
    • But if he is the Old Timer, why does he look around 15 years younger, why does he have a British accent instead of an Appalachian accent, why does he talk and act differently, and why can he move around perfectly for an old person?
  2. The story causes the series to go over the top, ridiculous, and stupid. While the previous 4 films took place in secluded locations, which added to the horror factor, this movie takes place in a public town, Fairlake, which doesn't fit the Hillickers well.
  3. Even though Doug Bradley gives a decent performance, he is severely miscast as the Old Timer, due to his British accent, his appearance, and his actions.
  4. The town of Fairlake looks extremely cheap and fake, due to it blatantly looking like a set.
  5. The makeup effects on the cannibals look a bit cheap, and One Eye and Saw Tooth now look too similar to each other.
  6. Most of the characters are bland, boring, and not that interesting.
    • Billy and his friends are somehow underutilized, even though they are given a lot of screen-time.
      • Billy is killed 1 hour and 2 minutes in this 91 minutes film, even though he's made out to be the protagonist.
      • Cruz is given some character, but is then unceremoniously killed 34 minutes.
      • Gus and Julian lack personality, and Lita did in the first half, too.
    • Some of the side characters lack any sort of character or personality, mainly Deputy Biggs and Jason.
  7. Terrible writing:
    • The entire flick is just people getting killed off with very little depth beyond that.
    • The Mountain Man festival that the movie promises to show, only shows 2 vehicles and some extras walking behind the festival.
    • For some reason, despite there being a big party in town, once the power goes out, everyone except the main characters disappears, turning the entire town into a ghost town.
    • Most of the movie is just characters talking in the police station, with no progression happening.
    • After Mose crashes his car, the Hillckers somehow quickly kidnap him, take him to the convenience store, tie him up, and burn him. However, the car he was driving was on a highway that was far away from Fairlake.
  8. Mediocre acting, as a couple of the actors are British, and their accents really start slipping in a few scenes. Some actors also don't seem that invested.
  9. The kills are mostly underwhelming, as they are surprisingly not that gory, and some of them are tame and/or cut down.
  10. The third act and ending are awful. After Billy and Julian are both quickly killed (a lazy way to get rid of 2 characters at once), the structure is just the remaining characters being killed in an unfun mean spirited way. The only one who survives is Lita, but she gets her eyes gouged out by Maynard and eventually gets kidnapped by him and the Hillickers, with it being implied that she is murdered.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some decent performances, particularly Doug Bradley, Camilla Arfwedson, and Roxanne McKee.
  2. The scene where Kaleen gets her middle finger cut off after flipping off Three Finger is funny.
  3. Julian's death is great.
  4. Borislav Iliev returns as Three Finger.


  • This is the second Wrong Turn movie to be shot in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • This is the first Wrong Turn movie to have a cast member from a previous film reprising their role; Borislav Iliev returns to play Three-Finger like he did in Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead.


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