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WowNow Entertainment
Excuse me, you might as well make Kung Fu (insert animal here) to get all the MONEY!!! KUNG FU MOCKBUSTER MONEY!!!!
Type: Low-budget entertainment company
Founded: 2015? (As Ruthless Kids)
Headquarters: Haiku, Hawaii, United States[1]
Key people: Jesse Baget (CEO)
Michael Ingram
Andrea Monier
Davis Morrow
Parent: Ruthless Studios
Subsidiaries: Brainy Pants
Toe Jamz
Dream Machine Animation
Doc TV
Pup TV

WowNow Entertainment (also known as Dream Machine Animation, Toe Jamz and Brainy Pants) is a primarily Christian entertainment company that is notorious for producing low-budget movies in a similar way as The Asylum, Vídeo Brinquedo and Dingo Pictures.

Notable Work

  • Kung Fu Masters (a Kung Fu Panda rip-off)
  • Kung Fu Battle Of The Zodiac (another Kung Fu Panda rip-off)
  • Kung Fu Bunny (and another…)
  • Kung Fu Dog (and another…)
  • Kung Fu Dragon (yet another…)
  • Kung Fu Monkey (like the sixth…)
  • Kung Fu Rooster (Oh my god they have the nerve to rip off Kung Fu Panda 7 times?!)
  • Bad Grandmas
  • Fishtales
  • Bigfoot
  • Jumbo
  • Easter Land
  • Easter Sing
  • Down on the Farm
  • Farmtastic Fun
  • The Funny World of Pets
  • A Frozen Christmas Carol
  • Zoo Wars
  • Penguin Rescue
  • Penguin Land
  • Bugged
  • Imagination Land
  • Pondemonium
  • Space Explorers
  • Jurassic Bark
  • The Salted Egg
  • Beartales: The Adventure of Sammy Jay
  • Bee Team (a Bee Movie rip-off)
  • Bible Bees(one that's Christian. -_-)
  • Amazing Aliens (more like Atrocious Aliens)
  • Groundhog Dave (Groundhog Day minus everything)
  • Pixy Dragons
  • The Zooverse
  • Haunted Transylvania (dude we can guess by the title that it's a rip-off, and it's going to suck)
  • The Lion Kid (Just a Wild West movie)
  • Trolled
  • Him (lmao they even ripped off It)
  • Space Guardians
  • Space Babies (Avenger Dogs but with diaper jokes)
  • Toys Sing-A-Long
  • Zoo Squad
  • Zoo Wars
  • Avenger Dogs Christmas
  • Avenger Dogs 2: Wonder Dogs
  • Finding Jesus (yes, they made a rip-off of Finding Nemo, that's Christian.
  • And much, much more...

Why Their Films Suck

  1. As expected, most of their films are mockbusters with the names being way too similar. For example:
    • Jumbo is a rip-off to Disney's Dumbo while being a cash in to the 2019 live-action remake.
    • The Funny World of Pets is a rip-off of Illumination's The Secret Life of Pets.
    • Haunted Transylvania is a rip-off of the Hotel Transylvania franchise.
  2. On that topic, some of their films' logos, posters and covers rip off other movies, such as Crazy Birds which stole the font and style from Ice Age. Here’s proof.
  3. Generic, bland and mediocre titles in most of their films. Some even steal titles from other movies (even if they're a parody). The title of Zoo Wars 2: Into the Zooverse is a rip-off of that of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Imagination Land is a rip-off of that of the South Park DVD movie ImaginationLand.
  4. Very ugly and horrible animation with abysmal graphics, which look feels very lifeless. To make matters worse, they literally use Unreal Engine for the animation in some of their movies, despite that engine being made for games rather than movies, characters models are not much better.
  5. Most films just have the characters talking and talking with nothing else going on.
  6. Little-to-no plots.
  7. By the way, some of its films such as Zoo Wars has actual plots, but they are just stupid and uninspiring at best.
  8. Laughably bad voice acting especially from KJ Schrock.
  9. Overuse and reuse of stock photos, backgrounds, assets, and models in most of their films, for example, one of the plane's face in first Horseplay movie and in the Planes With Brains trilogy is literally a smiley model.
  10. Some of their "movies" don't even qualify as films. For example, there are movies have the characters dance in the entire films, Another example is that Brainy Pants (or Pantz) has films in which it's just characters saying all sorts of facts from Wikipedia. Do they know that Wikipedia is unreliable at times due to vandalism, trolls, and people that put false info on pages?
  11. Quantity-over-Quality: They have a really awful track record on their "franchises". Examples include:
    • 7 "Kung Fu" movies. Yes, there's 7 movies!
    • Some of their sequels reuse footage from the first movies, like Space Guardians 2 for example which is just a rehash of the first movie.
    • Overuse of Christmas movies.
    • Fish Tales 2 and 3 have no connection to the first Fishtales.
  12. Awful lip-syncing.
  13. They make poor English dubs of obscure foreign media, such as Pondemonium ,the Kung Fu series of movies, and The Salted Egg which are apparently episodes of those shows all put in one movie.
  14. Lazy writing and dialogue.
  15. Stupid names for characters as such Boo Boo from Zoo Wars, Pancake Pete from Sea Monsters, Velvet Touch from Kung Fu Bunny and more.
  16. Just like Dingo Pictures, many assets are recycle in every single film.
  17. Abysmal plot twists in most films.
  18. Painfully, unfunny humor.
  19. Some terrible grammar such as Avenger Dogs 2:Wonder Dog.
  20. In their Finding Nemo ripoff Finding Jesus, one of the characters, Mr. Sushi is a racist caricature.


A video about one of their films.





22 days ago
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There movies only get worse, and worse, and worse.


8 days ago
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I saw others on their website that copy other movies or with stolen fonts such as Dave of the Dead which copies which has the font and style of Monsters Vs. Aliens, and Turkey Day is a copy of Free Birds


6 days ago
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Wow you suck.


6 days ago
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I tried to watch Finding Jesus but after two minutes I left because my brain cells were slowly dying.

Typhlosion Trainer

5 days ago
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"Hmm, we need a new idea for a movie"

'slaps a laptop near the kung fu panda poster'

"That's it! Another fucking kung fu movie!"

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