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WowNow Entertainment

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WowNow Entertainment
When you mix most of the known mockbuster companies into one studio, you get WowNow Entertainment as a result.
Formerly: Ruthless Pictures
Ruthless Films
Ruthless Studios
Ruthless Kids
WowNow Kids
Type: Low-budget and quality entertainment company
Founded: 2007 (as Ruthless Pictures)
Founder: unknown
Headquarters: Haiku, Hawaii, United States[1]
Key people: Jesse Baget (CEO)
Michael Ingram
Andrea Monier
Davis Morrow
Notable works: Mockbusters

WowNow Entertainment, now rebranded as Family Entertainment.TV (also known as Brainy PantsToe Jamz, Dream Machine AnimationDoc TV and Pup TV, and also in YouTube known as FreeMoviesAndTV) is a American-Canadian animation studio and entertainment company that is notorious for producing low-budget movies in a similar way as The Asylum, Vídeo Brinquedo and Dingo Pictures, some of which are known as some of the absolute worst animated movies of the modern era, their films are also viewed as mockbusters of films by Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox Animation, Blue Sky Studios, Dreamworks Animation, Illumination, Warner Animation Group, Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon Animation and Sony Pictures Animation. Around 2022, it got bought by [International Media Network]

WowNow's Notable Works

  • Amazing Aliens
  • Avenger Dogs Christmas
    • Avenger Dogs 2: Wonder Dogs
  • A Frozen Christmas Carol
  • Bad Grandmas
  • Beartales: The Adventure of Sammy Jay
  • Bee Team
  • Bible Bees
  • Bible Town
  • Bigfoot
  • Bugged
  • Dance!
  • Down on the Farm
  • Easter Bunny Adventure
  • Easter Land
  • Easter Sing
  • Farmtastic Fun
  • Finding Jesus
    • Finding Jesus 2
  • Fishtales
  • Groundhog Dave
  • Haunted Transylvania
    • Haunted Transylvania 2
    • Haunted Transylvania 3
  • Him
  • Imagination Land
  • Jumbo
  • Jurassic Bark
  • Kung Fu Masters
    • Kung Fu Battle Of The Zodiac
    • Kung Fu Bunny
    • Kung Fu Dog
    • Kung Fu Dragon
    • Kung Fu Monkey
    • Kung Fu Rooster
    • Little Historians 1 and 2
  • Penguin Land
  • Penguin Rescue
  • Pixy Dragons
  • Pondemonium
  • Space Babies
  • Space Explorers
  • Space Guardians
  • Star Paws
  • The Funny World of Pets
  • The Lion Kid
  • The Salted Egg
  • The Zooverse
  • Toys Sing-A-Long
  • Trolled
  • Turkey Day
  • Zoo Squad
  • Zoo Wars
    • Zoo Wars 2: Into the Zooverse

Why We Won't Say "WowNow" Anymore

  1. As expected, most of their films are yet known as mockbusters with the names being way too similar. For example:
    • Jumbo is a rip-off to Disney's Dumbo while being a cash-in to the 2019 live-action remake.
    • The Funny World of Pets is a rip-off of Illumination's The Secret Life of Pets.
    • Haunted Transylvania is a rip-off of the Hotel Transylvania franchise.
    • Kung Fu (animal franchises) are rip-offs of the Kung Fu Panda franchise.
    • The Avenger Dogs saga and its spinoff film, Jurassic Bark are ripoffs off The Avengers and Jurassic Park respectively.
    • Finding Jesus 1/2 is a rip-off of the Finding Nemo/Dory franchise.
    • Zoo Wars is a rip-off of the Star Wars franchise.
      • Zoo Wars 2: Into the Zooverse is a rip-off of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
    • Turkey Day is a rip-off of Free Birds which is no better than this movie.
      • What makes it even worse is that Finding Jesus and Bible Town are Christian movies meaning that WowNow is attempting to get money by roping in Christians believing that regardless of it being a rip-off they'll buy it. And just like (albeit not of the mockbuster variety, but still) Joshua and the Promised Land, Dorbees: Making Decisions, and Bible Town (the latter of which being a Religious media cash-in made before this one by WowNow), it shows no respect towards its demographic of Christians that it desperately markets itself towards, nor the beliefs that they're supposed to be educating them about, and its only concern is making money of them.
      • One of their most annoying movies of all are "Dance!" and " Fishtales 2".
  2. On that topic, some of their films' logos, posters and covers rip off other movies, such as Crazy Birds which stole the font's style from Ice Age for some reason. Here’s proof. and Pondemonium which stole Free Birds' font.
  3. Generic and bland titles in most of their films. Some even steal titles from other movies (even if they're a parody). The title of Zoo Wars 2: Into the Zooverse is a rip-off of that of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Imagination Land is a rip-off of that of the South Park DVD movie ImaginationLand.
  4. Very ugly and horrible animation with abysmal graphics (even for 2D standards), which look and feel extremely lifeless. To make matters worse, they literally use Unreal Engine for the animation in some of their movies which is ill-fitting, despite that engine is primarily used to create games rather than movies. Character models are not much better. In fact, even the worst N64/PS1 character models look better than most of these models.
  5. Most films just have the characters talking for long periods of time with nothing else going on for most, if not, the ENTIRE MOVIE, leaving viewers extremely bored.
  6. Little-to-no plots. Some of their films such as Zoo Wars have actual plots, but they are just stupid and uninspired at best.
  7. Laughably bad voice acting, especially from KJ Schrock.
  8. Overuse and reuse of stock photos, backgrounds, assets, and models in most of their films. For example, one of the plane's faces in the first Horseplay movie and in the Planes With Brains trilogy is literally a smiley model.
  9. Some of their "movies" don't even qualify as films. For example, some of their movies have the characters dancing or standing around and talking throughout the entire film. Another example is that Brainy Pants (or Pantz) has films in which it's just characters saying all sorts of facts from Wikipedia. Do they know that Wikipedia is unreliable at times due to vandalism, trolls, and people that put false info on pages?
  10. Some of their sequels reuse footage from the first movies, like Space Guardians 2 for example which is just a rehash of the first movie.
  11. Some sequels barely has a connection to the first film. For example, Fish Tales 2 and 3 have no connection to the first Fishtales.
  12. The lip-syncing doesn't even try to match what the characters say.
  13. Quantity-over-Quality: they make way too many films to this point that they are producing them in small time.
  14. They make poor English dubs of obscure foreign media such as Pondemonium, the Kung Fu series of movies, and The Salted Egg, which are apparently episodes of those shows all put in one movie.
  15. Lazy writing and dialogue that sometimes feel like the writers were on drugs, or was written by a broken AI.
  16. Stupid and ridiculous names for characters as such Boo Boo from Zoo Wars, Pancake Pete from Sea Monsters, Velvet Touch from Kung Fu Bunny and more.
  17. Just like Dingo Pictures, many assets and characters are recycled in every, single, film.
  18. Abysmal plot twists in most films, for Sea Monsters, the movie's plot twist is THIS: Charlie and his pals Mucus and Frankfish decide to enter the competition in hopes of comedic glory, which is not true.
  19. Painfully unfunny humor, and most of the time, they reference social media for some reason.
  20. Some terrible grammar such as Avenger Dogs 2: Wonder Dog.
  21. One of their characters who appeared in a few movies, Mr. Sushi, is a racist caricature.
  22. Most of the character designs are ugly to the point where it makes you feel awkward when watching the films.
  23. False advertising: The posters for any one of the films feature side characters that either have little screentime or in rare cases don't appear at all. They also have a feeling that more effort was put in the posters than the actual film/trailers.
  24. The same animation of the character movements get looped a lot in their movies (not for their 2D movies).
  25. Their logo (as you can see at the top of this article), has the font for Cloudy and Cloudy 2.
    • They also have the slugs from Flushed Away, but with different colors (Orange and cyan).
  26. The Groundhog Dave model for the Groundhog Dave movie and its sequel looks creepy and doesn't even have his hat or bowtie like what is shown in the two movies' posters.
  27. Speaking of Groundhog Dave, at the beginning of its sequel, it mispells the title for Groundhog Dave 2 as Grounghog Dave 2, which shouldn't have happened and shows this company doesn't care if their movies are in any way substantial.
  28. The worst part is, all of these abysmal movies are put onto digital storefronts across the world, some of which have even spawned genuine DVD releases, that can be found in stores.
  29. They are also known to steal films from other companies as their movie Chicken Stew has clips from Fantawild.
  30. All of the characters in all of their CGI movies are expressionless and make no other expression than their neutral face, making it feel lazy, rushed, and unprofessional.


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