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Where the Dead Go to Die

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Where the Dead Go to Die
Where the Dead Go to Die poster.jpg
Who would want Doomguy and Ash Williams or Freddy Krueger and Pinhead to nuke this shithole?
Genre: Animated
Directed By: Jimmy ScreamerClauz
Produced By: Jimmy ScreamerClauz
Written By: Jimmy ScreamerClauz
Starring: Ruby Larocca
Brandon Slage
Joey Smack
Linnea Quigley
Denvanny Pinn
Distributed By: Unearthed Films
Release Date: February 21, 2012
Runtime: 95 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Sequel: When Black Birds Fly

"I won't say that anything that happens in this movie is justified in any sense of the term, or that Where The Dead Go to Die is an underrated gem that you need to go check out. Even while trying to write this, I feel incredibly uncomfortable. Even though this movie was created large part due to one person, which I want to reiterate is commendable, overall, it's incredibly hard to watch due to the voice acting, audio levelling, and consistent and extremely graphic concepts that the bad animation tries to present."
That Creepy Reading

Where the Dead Go to Die is a 2012 American animated anthology horror "comedy" film written, directed, animated, edited, scored, and co-starring James 'Jimmy ScreamerClauz' Creamer.


The film revolves around a group of kids living on the same block. The kids, named Tommy, Sofia, and Ralph, are being haunted by a talking, black, red-eyed dog named Labby, that takes them on a hellish ride through dimensions and time periods. The first segment is called "Tainted Milk", the second is called "Liquid Memories", and the last segment is called "The Mask That the Monsters Wear".

Why the Dead Should Obviously Go to Die

Important note: This film is extremely controversial, for promoting child porn and pedophilia, in addition for how hellish it is. As we ourselves are against child porn, pedophilia and even hellish content like this, please DO NOT add redeeming qualities to this article. Anyone on this wiki who adds redeeming qualities will have their edit reverted. There's probably nothing good to like about this film anyway.

  1. The official trailer says nothing about the film, as it's just a collection of ugly and graphic imagery that tells the audience absolutely nothing about the actual plot and story. Not to mention how there's absolutely zero narration or dialogue that could give even the slightest hints about the plot of the film and what it's actually about.
  2. The story is by far the worst aspect of the film. It's divided into three segments that are completely detached from one another (except during the epilogue, where the characters from each segment meet each other at the well), each with a different protagonist: Tommy, the drug addict in the "Liquid Memories" segment, and Ralph with a covering on his head due to an having his unborn Siamese twin attached to it, but the general plot is non-existent due to just how inconsistent the movie is and it's complete refusal to establish anything in or about the story.
  3. Everything in the movie makes no sense. Any established plot points get nothing to back up or properly explain them and they're all downright nonsensical (when they're not outright disturbing and messed up). Not to mentioned that they're quickly swept under the rug when the segment ends and the next one begins, only for even more nonsensical and underdeveloped plot points to be introduced.
  4. Abysmal animation that's very glitchy, hideous, and looks downright unfinished even when it's not being graphic or shocking. It even has glimpses of things (mainly eyeballs) that look like they were taken from real photos/videos, especially on the design of the cyclops-like Shadow People. And needless to say, they do not clash well with the already hideous and horrific animation.
    • Even though Jimmy Screamerclauz produced the animation entirely by himself, which can be considered an impressive feat, it still doesn't help matters.
  5. Speaking of animation, there are many segments that are very disturbing and violent. (e.g. The limbs yanked out of bodies like legs, arms, and even genitals, brutal on-screen deaths, child abuse, and even child pornography and bestiality)
    • In particular, there's a scene in which Ralph masturbates to one of Sofia's fathers' porno tapes.
    • The infamous scene in which Tommy loses his virginity to Labby via anal sex in front of his parent's deceased corpses. ENOUGH SAID.
    • Sofia is the worst example of all, since she's disgustingly sexualized by her horrible father (who uses her in his illict sex tapes) in such a horrific way that it makes you wish that a bullet went through your head.
  6. The film was intended to be a dark comedy, but little to no viewers found it funny. Instead, most were revolted and frightened. Because any events or concepts like the ones described in the previous point are absolutely not funny or amusing in the slightest, and they can't be made that way no matter how hard anyone were try.
  7. Awful voice acting and sound that feels completely out of place. Labby speaks in a very quiet tone and sounds like he's constantly gasping for breath, which can be extremely irritating and at various points and makes it almost impossible to know what he's actually saying. Tommy's voice provided by Joshua Michael Greene sounds obnoxious and rather nasally. And most of the other characters' vocal performances sound either bland, over-the-top (and not in a good way), like they're trying desperately to sound edgy and intimidating, or like they're not even trying.
  8. Poor lip syncing that rarely, if ever, match what the characters are actually saying.
  9. All of the characters here are terrible. They range from idiotic and prone to going along with whatever others tell them to do with no hesitation (Tommy) to the annoying (Ralph and his twin, Tommy’s dad), to the unlikeable and selfish (the murderer from the second short), the disturbing (Sofia's dad), to the extremely evil and satanic (Labby).
  10. Most of the events that occur in the movie are straight-up horrifying and disturbing (as discussed previously in WIS# 5). And while media with mature or serious concepts have worked before, it was because they weren't entirely focused on said mature content. They also took the time to develop the story and characters so that's it's not just graphic content, but instead an actual story. And whatever said graphic content that was present was for the purpose of the role that it played in the story, so that there's a reason for why they're in the story other than to make it edgier and more "adult". But that's not the case here. Because here, not only is there almost zero plot or character establishing, but the graphic content is there for no other reason than for the sake of pure shock value rather than furthering the story.
  11. Awful human character designs that don't look much better than the actual monsters. They range from having giant strands of hair sticking out of their arms, to lacking faces, looking like mannequins, or having their eyes looking extremely creepy and unsettling.
  12. Similar to Foodfight!, the poster for this movie (which showcases the junkie from the second story in the Church from the said story kneeling over the corpse of the woman who was killed in it, all the while being surrounded by the Shadow People and having multiple tentacles reaching out for him) is extremely terrifyingly abysmal to look at.
  13. Horrendous soundtrack from Carlos Bonilla, Flyface, and Jimmy ScreamerClauz which sounds distorted and eerie (when there actually is a soundtrack, due to the fact that the majority of the film has little to no background music).
  14. The title also sounds stupid. Where the Dead Go to Die? They don't go anywhere to die! They're already dead!
    • On top of that, it's also misleading. As the movie itself has nothing to do with actually showcasing where the dead go to die, but instead shows three completely unrelated and mashed up stories.
  15. Oh, and did we forget to mention that Jimmy Screamerclauz claimed that he was high on drugs when he and produced made this movie? That alone basically sums up everything wrong with it and it painfully shows.
  16. The pacing is atrocious.


The movie gained mixed reviews from critics. It was given positives reviews from sources like Rue Morgue, DVDtalk, and horrornews but was the panned by the audiences and Youtubers like Bobsheaux and Headbanger142 for it's animation, voice acting, characters and story. As of 2021, IMDb has a rating of 3.9/10 while Letterboxd has a score of 2.1/5. The film is often featured in listings of the worst animated films ever made, with some calling it even worse than the infamous Foodfight!. On Rotten tomatoes, the film has an audience rating of 24%. Only 27% of the google users liked the film.


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