Where's the Money

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Where's the Money is a 2017 comedy produced by Rivers Edge Films and distributed by Lionsgate Films. The film stars Andrew Bachelor, Kat Graham, Logan Paul, Terry Crews, Mike Epps and Method Man, written by Ted Sperling, Benjamin Sutor and Scott Zabielski, and also directed by Scott Zabielski.

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible story.
  2. Every character is either stupid, angry or sassy.
  3. All of the comedy is just awkward jokes, goofy expressions, gross-out humor, sex talk and why white people are racist.
  4. Terry Crews has main billing, yet he doesn't appear in the film until 37 minutes in.
  5. Logan Paul's character is just as stupid and airheaded as he is in real-life and doesn't add anything to the plot. Despite having main billing, you could take him out of the film and it wouldn't affect the plot the slightest.
  6. All of the female characters are either a sassy mother figure or the love interest for the male protagonist who then gets used as the sex object for when infiltrating the fraternity.
  7. The film's antagonist Uncle Leon (Terry Crews) at the end just gets killed by the faulty air-condition mid-sentence, which then goes straight into the final scene.


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