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Evil Tim (talkcontribs)

"Despite the fact the film is set in Ancient Egypt, hardly any actors of Arab or African descent were cast in major roles."

The ancient Egyptians were not of African descent (genetic research on mummies suggests they had a lower percentage of African ancestry than modern Egyptians) and they certainly weren't Arabs (given that, you know, Arabic is the defining feature of the Arab people and wouldn't exist for thousands of years). Arabs at the time were a group of nomads living in Syria, while there is distinct evidence that the Ancient Egyptians were nothing like any modern ethnic group: it's known, for example, that Ramses II was fair-skinned and had wavy red hair.

Could you please knock off this SJW nonsense of constantly bringing up race, particularly for ethnic groups that haven't actually existed in any meaningful sense for centuries or millennia?

Trevor807 (talkcontribs)

Besides, it's no better than SJWs complaining about Apu being voiced by a white guy.

TomDoggyDaly (talkcontribs)

Crap. Did not think that one through.

Evil Tim (talkcontribs)

Also you realise if you remake the same low-effort pages that got deleted the last time you made them, you're just going to end up blocked like the last time you made them?

TomDoggyDaly (talkcontribs)


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