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You keep undoing, too keep that waste of talents, NO!, this pointer is too generic no matter what! Shame on you! You're full of sh*t! you're whiny you are a fricking idiot!927.jpg

Dude, that's really unprofessional and "wasted talents" reason is not generic unless its undetailed like the other reasons. Looks like you're really want to blocked by admins again. -SpazJR61

Uh oh look what everyone else has done on they're recent edits on they're pages.


I don't care right now, because that reason is already overused, in AMW and the TV show wikis. Now we got a huge problem right now. -SpazJR61

So if you don't undo they're revisions, so why are you are you keep doing that to mines. -Dreadblocks.

Because you're act like a whiny child, as you're used words like "c*nt" and "son of a bitch". -SpazJR61

Listen now, i have something important to tell yo know, just because you don’t know who i am in real life, that doesn’t mean you can call me whiny, but listen more importantly we need to stop, but i wanna let you know not talents are always wasted, i think they are wasted if they are only for a short while, and also if they don’t use they’re charisma (E.G in Look Who’s Talking Too: Mel Brooks talent was wasted because he is only there for a short while), but most importantly i’m sorry let’s just stop this, please, no more edit wars, So let’s just have peace. Let’s have promise no more argruing or edit wars, or whatever the hell we’ve do, but let’s just stop it, i’m sorry. - Dreadblocks