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You have reached the talk page of Marxo Grouch. Here you may pose important questions for me or just have niceties with me, but no drama okay?

- Marxo Grouch

DemonCobra22 (talkcontribs)

I don't mean to cause any drama, but doesn't Cuties' soundtrack sounds decent? I heard and it was decent. I know there is a rule to no good Qualities, but the soundtrack is decent

Marxo Grouch (talkcontribs)

Still, though, the admins have agreed to keep good qualities off the page because of how controversial the movie is.

DemonCobra22 (talkcontribs)

Oh okay. Thanks for your verification on it

Why is Channel Awesome stuff forbidden?

Akanddnne (talkcontribs)


TigerBlazer (talkcontribs)
Marxo Grouch (talkcontribs)

Yes, that blog states why Channel Awesome is forbidden.

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