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Superman III - The third film in a popular superhero franchise ignores the events to the first two Superman films, with uses of comedy and camp throughout the movie and Richard Pryor is in the film.
Alien 3 - A third Alien film that had troubled production that ended up with tons of issues and the death of Ellen Ripley on a prison planet with an Alien with it.
I Know Who Killed Me - An extremely generic horror film with a bizarre and boring premise, over-use of blue and red, nonsensical scenes and confusing endings
Major League II - A sequel to a recognizable sports film that has humor that steps down from the first film
Major League: Back to the Minors - A sports spin-off where the story is even blander than the second film and humor that is an ever bigger step down from the humor in the previous films.
Ghost Ship - A film that rips offs Death Ship, and Event Horizon with poor effects and was not too scary.
Backdraft 2 - An unnecessary sequel to the 1991 film where Sean McCaffrey is out of character and Brian dies in pointless manner.
Smokey and the Bandit Part 3 - A third Smokey and the Bandit film that ignores the events of first two films with poor title, poor jokes, and unfunny story.
Baywatch - A reboot film based on the TV series in which the humor doesn't work, nor the characters do well at Baywatch.
Caddyshack II - A sequel to the 1980 classic comedy that has tons of unfunny jokes, no sequel bait ending, and the new characters are cardboard cutouts of the characters from the original film and aren't likable (eg. Captain Tom Everett (Dan Aykroyd's character) is a cardboard cutout of Carl Spackler (Bill Murray's character) and Jack Hartounian (Jackie Mason's character) is a cardboard cutout of Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield's character).
Are We Done Yet? - A sequel that has things get more weird than the events in the first film.
The Story of Us - Rob Reiner worked with Alan Zweibel again five years after North and this romantic comedy failed miserably with pretty much every critic and any person who loves cinema.
Pinocchio (2002) - A film that actually had a lot of potential for being a decent live-action adaptation of a beloved fairy tale. However, the dub of this film made it messy.
Heaven's Gate - A film that is extremely notorious for having a highly talented Academy Award-winning writer and director go on a massive ego trip and that his pride caused United Artists to file for bankruptcy.
Hangman (2017) - A super weak crime thriller that not even Al Pacino could save.
RoboCop - A pointless reboot that is completely unnecessary since the third film had already killed the franchise twenty-one years earlier, the fact that there are many changes to the story compared to the original is sort of not helping with all of its other major flaws.
Deep Blue Sea 2 - A questionable idea to release a sequel to a shark film that was released nineteen years prior.
Deep Blue Sea 3 - Another unnecessary installment in the Deep Blue Seaseries
Kicking & Screaming - A soccer film that has potential, but is sorely executed.
The Postman - The film that put Kevin Costner's career as a director on hold for six years
Can't Stop the Music - the first film to win the Golden Raspberry Award
Yogi Bear - releasing a live-action adaptation of another Hanna-Barbera cartoon after the creators of the original show died was not the best option since neither Bill Hanna nor Joe Barbera had any involvement with this film
Harriet the Spy - A film that is inferior to the source material and the main character is unlikable from beginning to end
Exit to Eden - Grotesque beyond recognition, 'nuff said!
Spider-Man 3 - an average way to end the series, but could be better
Psycho (1998) - An unnecessary copy and paste remake of a classic made by Alfred Hitchcock with poor acting and unwanted extended scenes that were not in the original.
The Omen (2006) - Like the Psycho remake, it is copy and paste with bad acting, unwanted extended scenes and delivers zero scares
Wagons East! - A truly sad way to end the career of a highly successful comedian who died prematurely before the film was even finished
Seed of Chucky - The idea of Chucky having a child could work. There are moments that are funny and scary, but it is mostly dull and just pointless
Wild Wild West - A poorly made Western film that focuses more on special effects and not enough on the characters, story, or script
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I'll Be Home for Christmas - One of the first Christmas flops from Disney with a weak story, weak jokes, and an unlikeable protagonist
The Lone Ranger - A questionable idea to resurrect a series making it into a full-length motion picture
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles - Releasing the third film thirteen years after the previous entry was not really a smart option
An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn - poor attempts at satirizing the Hollywood industry
Cutthroat Island - The film that dented ideas for future pirate films and closed Carolco Pictures
After Earth - A film that had Will Smith go on a massive ego trip and had his real-life son co-star as one of the most irritating child characters in a film
Ablaze - one of the most unconvincing and poorly paced films about firefighters
Rollerball - A remake with choppy editing, poor acting, and this film performed so badly that it killed the career of John McTiernan
Book of Shadows Blair Witch 2 - Easily one of the most bizarre and unconvincing horror sequels of all time
Boat Trip - a buddy comedy that has potential, but sadly fails on almost every level due to offensive LGBT jokes that do not work at all, unlikable characters, poor writing and directing
Point Break (2015) - Like a majority of remakes, this one probably should not have been made at all since the original film was released twenty-four years prior
I Spit on Your Grave (1978) - Disgusting and not scary at all
I Spit on Your Grave (2010) - The same thing I said about the original disgusting and not scary at all
Joe Dirt - A rather silly adventure story filled with fart jokes and poop jokes
Cop & 1/2 - A crime comedy that actually has potential, but is rather short of humor
Cop and a Half: New Recruit - A rather weak follow-up to the preceding film of the same name with new characters that lack the charm of the original ones and a silly storyline
The Dukes of Hazzard (2005) - yet another questionable adaptation of a beloved TV series that has unfunny jokes up the wazoo
Terminator Genisys - A film in a beloved franchise that was overloaded with fan-fiction in a Terminator film.
Swept Away (2002) - an unnecessary remake of a '70s film that permanently dented the career of Madonna
Ringmaster - Did anybody want or ask for a film that starred Jerry Springer, the trashiest talk show host on television?
Green Lantern (2011) - A questionable attempt at making film based on a DC character that has not been mentioned since who knows when
FeardotCom - A nonsensical film about a killer website
Jawbreaker - A tasteless teen comedy about choking on a jawbreaker
Get Rich or Die Tryin' - A poor attempt at making a film that is loosely based on one's own life before a successful career as a rapper
Grown Ups 2 - A juvenile and unfunny sequel to another Adam Sandler film
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