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Genre: Animated
Photography: Color
Running Time: 70 Minutes
Country: France
United States
Release Date: January 17, 1986
Directed by: Bruno Bianchi
Written by: Jean Chalopin
Andy Heyward
Tetsuo Katayama
Distributed by: Atlantic Releasing (Clubhouse Pictures)
Starring: Mel Blanc
Donna Christie
Jeannie Elias
Peter Cullen

Heathcliff: The Movie is a 1986 animated anthology comedy film.


On a rainy day, Heathcliff (Mel Blanc) recalls his past exploits to his three nephews (and a mouse), through a compilation of episodes originally broadcast on the TV series.


  1. "Cat Food for Thought" - Heathcliff becomes a TV star after getting rid of his competition.
  2. "Heathcliff's Double" - There's a new cat in a town called Henry who looks exactly like Heathcliff, and everybody mistakes him for Heathcliff.
  3. "The Siamese Twins" - There are two new cats in town that are ruining Heathcliff's reputation, making everyone think Heathcliff is the cause of their #troubles.
  4. "An officer and an Alley Cat" - To win a lifetime supply of free cat food, Heathcliff goes to obedience school to be worthy for the contest.
  5. "The Catfather" - In this parody of The Godfather, Heathcliff collects gifts for the Catfather, oblivious to the fact that the Catfather is the scare of the town.
  6. "Boom Boom Pussini" - Hector gets Heathcliff into a challenge to wrestle the famous cat wrestler Boom Boom Pussini who cheats to win matches.
  7. "Pop on Parole" - Heathcliff's father has gotten parole for jail time and Heathcliff believes he broke out and the cops are chasing him.

After Heathcliff is finally finished telling his stories, his nephews angrily throw him out of the house. The movie ends with Heathcliff saying "Those are my boys!" and laughing.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor lip-syncing on the human characters.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Like the TV series, the voice acting is decent and lip-syncing is good, (except on the human characters.) and the animation is great.

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