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Custom information
Custom 1Straight Guy
Custom 2I comment unfunny stuff
Custom 3No, I'm not Godzilla (I'm a Godzilla fanboy tho)
Custom 4I have furry waifus, don't judge me
Other information
MoviesPretty much every Godzilla movie

Some Kong films


The Banana Splits Movie (ironically)

Sharknado (ironically)

Alien and Aliens

Dislikes: Norm of the North

Godzilla (1998)

Jurassic Shark (most hated movie of all time)

Area 407

TVSouth Park


The Banana Splits

Looney Tunes

Family Guy seasons 1-6

Ren and Stimpy

Ed, Edd, and Eddy

Dislikes: Seasons 7-present of Family Guy

Barney & Friends

MusicWe Didn't Start the Fire

Pumped Up Kicks

Take on Me

Never Gonna Give You Up

All Star

Dislikes: Baby


Everyday Bro

BooksJust gonna show comic books, because I don't read normal books.

All IDW Godzilla comics

Dark Horse Alien comics


Video gamesSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate

Monster Hunter World

Donkey Kong games in general (aside from a few of course)

Dislikes: Fortnite

Most mobile games

New Super Mario Bros.

DrinksAll soda
Personal information
Location, Pennsylvania
Hometown, Pennsylvania
BirthdayMay 28th
About meBonjour! I'm Skullcrawler Buddy! I'm the guy who edits articles and comments unfunny stuff.

My real name's Michael (call me Skullcrawler or Mike if ya want). I also have autism spectrum disorder for those unaware.

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