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I am Son Goku! Do you think you can stop me?!

My name is Dreadblocks, and i wanna protect and gave you some of the worst and some of the best depending on each wiki, i won't be mad for something i like or i don't on either wikis, and i respect your opinions.

Pages I made

Welcome to Mr. Dready’s profile Pags i invented:
Luis and the Aliens - A german animated movie, that’s a rip-off of E.T and Home.
Bedtime Stories - Adam Sandler’s failed attempt at his first family friendly movie.
Problem Child - Dennis Dugan’s directorial Debut and his failed attempt at a black comedy and an adult satire.
Max Steel - A Super-Hero Movie based on the Toy-line and a cartoon show of the same name, Dready’s Most Hated movie (Although he thinks Jack & Jill is worse) and his worst movie based on a toy-line, along with: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, Bratz and Jem and the Holograms.
Problem Child 2 - A sequel to Problem Child although while still bad, is not as bad as the first one!
Police academy 4 Citizens on Patrol - The fourth installment of the Police Academy series, where the franchise was turned from a funny cop movies into a dead horse, with no funny jokes or anything.
Police academy 5 Assignment Miami Beach- The fifth installment on the Police Academy series, the same thing as the 4th
Look Who’s Talking Too - A sequel to Look Who’s Talking, with a rehashed plot, nothing interesting and a boring movie overall.
Look Who’s Talking Now! - The third and final Installment in the Look Who’s Talking trilogy, which changed from talking babies to talking dogs, no Bruce Willis and overall ufnunny cringy and boring and a terrible movie overall.
Meet Dave - A comedy about a robot alien, from outer space and he needs to do something to a kid.
The Adventures of Pinocchio - A bland adaptation of the Carlo Collodi Novel of the same name.
Thumbellina - A bland adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen novel of the same name by Don Bluth and the first animated movie to be at the razzies.

My Sandboxes

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