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Vídeo Brinquedo logo.png
"We have Pixar at home"
Type: Animation company
Founded: 1986
Defunct: 2012
Notable works: Gladiformers
The Little Panda Fighter
What's Up: Balloon to the Rescue!

Vídeo Brinquedo (also Toyland Video, formerly VBF Produções and Spot Films) was a Brazilian animation company headquartered in Sao Paulo. The company was originally founded to distribute animated movies and TV shows to Brazil and North America.[1]



Why Their Movies Sucked

  1. First off, all of their movies are blatant mockbusters of Pixar and DreamWorks Animation movies:
  2. Infamously awful and outdated animation quality. It is not uncommon to see animation glitches and the lighting is horrible. The animation is so outdated that a modern computer could literally render the movies faster than their entire runtimes.
  3. Extremely ugly and unappealing character models, especially for The Little Panda Fighter and The Little Cars.
  4. The characters are unlikable, annoying, bland, uninteresting, badly written and forgettable. For example, Dr. Crumb in Little and Big Monsters is unlikable since he constantly calls his machinery "useless".
  5. Uninteresting stories that do not seem to have any thought put into them at all, since they're blatant rip-off of other movies' plots.
  6. Racism towards Chinese and French audiences. The most infamous example of racism is on various clips on What's Up.
  7. Terrible English dubs, since the movies weren't originally made in English and the films weren't re-animated for the English version, this causes the characters to speak really fast/slow or makes their lip-sync inaccurate.
  8. They padded out almost every scene in their movies to make them "feature-length", despite the fact that most of their movies are still only 45 minutes. An example of this is in Little and Big Monsters and it's sequel What's Up: Balloons to the Rescue where everyone will stop moving and talking when the camera moves.
  9. The soundtracks sound more like a kid playing with an instrument than a real movie soundtrack.
    • Speaking of which, many of the music transitions feel very off.
  10. Often awkward or uncreative dialogue.
  11. Some movies have misleading advertising. For example, in The Little Panda Fighter, Pancada, the "little" panda is actually a full grown adult panda, and he can't fight until the last five minutes of the movie and the DVD cover shows the protagonist performing Kung Fu pose, despite that he is doing at main martial art being boxing or wrestling.
  12. Their movies have plotholes that if they were resolved, would end the whole movie. For example, in What's Up, John says the details of his evil plans and even tries to start his secret plan in front of the people he's trying to fool, or in The Little Panda Fighter where the conflict is that the staff of a boxing ring/restaurant is trying to get rid of a boxer because he's winning too much, but since they're the staff, can't they just tell him to stop boxing for a while?

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The voice acting surprisingly wasn't bad and does seem to have at least some effort put into it.


  • Before they made mockbusters, the company actually used to distribute DVDs of TV shows like Sonic X in Brazil.
  • The Little Panda Fighter and Ratatoing were parodied in The Incredible World of Gumball episode "The Treasure," as How to Ratatwang your Panda.
  • In 2015, the company uploaded special re-dubbed Latin American versions of The Little Cars movies, however, these where later taken down due to the many dislikes and are now lost. [2]