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The Alliance of Qualitipedias (AoQ) is a network of wikis which list many forms of media and explain why they are either of good or bad quality, using factual information from said forms of media that either support the quality or degrade it. The purpose of the wikis of good-quality media is to inform the reader as to why they are of high quality, while the purpose of the wikis of bad-quality media is to inform the reader as to why they are of low quality.


In 2013, the user Grust, then known as DisneyVillain, created Crappy Games Wiki on FANDOM, then known as Wikia, as a place to list poorly-received games and explain why they are of bad quality, using factual information from any specific game that degrades it. Eventually, FANDOM users discovered Crappy Games Wiki and similar wikis which follow the same concept as the aforementioned wiki, with a polar opposite titled "Awesome Games Wiki" being created some time in 2015. Earlier that year, Awful Movies Wiki was formed, and Greatest Movies Wiki, Best TV Shows Wiki and Terrible TV Shows Wiki all launched in the following year. Rotten Websites Wiki launched in 2018, with Fresh Websites Wiki following the following year.

In September of 2018, Wikia, now known as FANDOM, shut down Crappy Games Wiki and associated wikis for breaking its rules, notably its banning of "spreading hate," resulting in the wikis having to be to Miraheze. According to Grust, "FANDOM had become SJW."

In 2021, years after the move to Miraheze, the Triangle of Opinionated Entertainment, consisting of its official wikis Crappy Games Wiki, Awesome Games Wiki, Greatest Movies Wiki, Awful Movies Wiki, Best TV Shows Wiki, Terrible TV Shows Wiki and Rotten Websites Wiki, was reformed into the Alliance of Qualitipedia, now including Great Characters Wiki, Loathsome Characters Wiki, Fresh Websites Wiki, Best Music & Songs Wiki, Horrible Music & Songs Wiki, Wonderful Books Wiki and Dreadful Books Wiki; some of the existing and additional wikis were renamed and their focus was changed, with Best TV Shows Wiki and Terrible TV Shows Wiki being renamed to refer to just shows in general as well as episodes.

Genres of Wikis

Below are the genres of wikis of the Alliance of Qualitipedias, with each genre focusing on a particular subject; each genre also has a color representing one of the six Infinity Stones (also known as the Infinity Gems) appearing in Marvel Comics, with at least another genre with a color representing the Ego Gem appearing in Marvel Comics.

Only two wikis are allowed to be part of each genre; overall, there would be fourteen wikis in the Alliance of Qualitipedias.


This genre of wikis, Games, mainly focuses on games, regardless of whether it is on console, computer, online or mobile. The color of this genre represents the Time Stone.


This genre of wikis, Movies, mainly focuses on films, regardless of whether it is theatrically-released, direct-to-video, released on television, or a short film. The color of this genre represents the Soul Stone.

Shows & Episodes

This genre of wikis, Shows & Episodes, mainly focuses on shows and episodes, regardless of whether any show is a television show or a web show. The color of this genre represents the Space Stone.


This genre of wikis, Literature, mainly focuses on literature, notably books and novels. Fan fictions are not allowed. The color of this genre represents the Reality Stone.

Music & Songs

This genre of wikis, Music & Songs, mainly focuses on music and songs. The color of this genre represents the Power Stone.


This genre of wikis, Characters, mainly focuses on official characters from many forms of media, including movies, books, video games, etc. Fan fiction characters are not allowed. The color of this genre represents the Mind Stone.


This genre of wikis, Websites, mainly focuses on websites. The color of this genre represents the Ego Gem.

(Note: It's supposed to be normal white, but the font is grey to stand out against the background.)


  • Awesome Games Wiki and Crappy Games Wiki
  • Greatest Movies Wiki and Awful Movies Wiki
  • Best Shows & Episodes Wiki and Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki
  • Magnificent Literature Wiki and Dreadful Literature Wiki
  • Delightful Music & Songs Wiki and Horrible Music & Songs Wiki
  • Incredible Characters Wiki and Loathsome Characters Wiki
  • Fresh Websites Wiki and Rotten Websites Wiki

Author's notes

  • This is essentially what my pitch for a "reconstructed" Triangle of Opinionated Entertainment (yes, that's apparently the official title of our series of wikis about specific kinds of media and why they're good or bad) would look like. Currently, the only official wikis of the Triangle of Opinionated Entertainment are the Greatest/Awful Movies Wikis, Best/Terrible TV Shows Wikis, Awesome/Crappy Games Wikis, and Rotten Websites Wiki, but instead this new "Alliance of Qualitipedias" will host some additional wikis, including "reconstructed ones".
  • "Qualitipedia" is a portmanteau of the words "quality" and "encyclopedia".
  • The TV show wikis were chosen to be renamed to refer to just shows and episodes in general, as the current titles of the two wikis falsely imply that they focus on just TV shows even though they usually focus on more than those; in other words, they would be re-titled as "Best Shows & Episodes Wiki" and "Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki", respectively.
  • Best Music & Songs Wiki would be renamed to Delightful Music & Songs Wiki, as the "Best" part of the title sounds way too similar to the title of Best TV Shows Wiki/Best Shows & Episodes Wiki.
  • The wikis would be toned down a bit, some pages and pointers on the current wikis do go a little too far.
  • The "Music & Song" and "Books" Wikis would now be part of the main wikis.
  • The "Books" Wikis would be renamed to focus on literature in general and not just books; Wonderful Books Wiki is renamed to Magnificent Literature Wiki, also "Magnificent" sounds more right than "Wonderful".
  • There will be a "Council of the Alliance of Qualitipedias" (sort of like the Jedi Council from the Star Wars prequels and the Fairy Council from The Fairly OddParents, which would be the CEOs(?)/head mods of the network, they're in charge of it all. Their position is higher than mods of individual wikis (like, let's say FreezingTNT is a moderator of, say, Awful Movies Wiki; the council would be "superior" than him). There will be no individual leader/CEO/manager/grandmaster, it's just a council who will work together and co-operate. When one of the council members steps down, there will always be an election as to who will take that retired council member's place, sort of like the United States' presidential election. Each election will last an entire week, as in seven days.
  • Episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants will once again be allowed to have articles on what would be called Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki, but only very specific episodes in order to avoid a huge amount of articles regarding episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants flooding the wiki.


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