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Youtubers I like

Video|9 The Dark Reindeer The Shadow Reader Vailskibum94 (Lmao I'm gonna be attack) Text2memes Giofilms Storybooth Runningback02

YouTubers I hate Peluchin Entertainment Anti Rex Realmatt Paloma yi

Other information

I like

Cloverfield Trilogy Toy Story Tetralogy Many Godzilla Films including 1998 (Sorry) The Breadwinner Need more update

Movies I hate Blackfish What The Health Leaving Neverland Godzilla Anime Trilogy Dracula remake FoodFight Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul Lot more to come


Favorite TV Show

Spongebob Squarepants Aggretsuko The Amazing World Of Gumball Unikitty RBUK 72 Dangerous Animals Asia and Latin America My Little Pony

Shows I hate Corn and Peg Alviin 2015 Boss Baby back in business Lot more to come


Songs and Soundtracks I like

Old Town Road Come together (Gary Clark Jr) Who Will Know Persicution of the masses C418 Cat Cod Ghost main menu soundtrack


Diary of a wimpy kid

Video games

Games I like

Roblox Call of Duty Pixel gun 3d Gunship battle Plague Inc SCP Containment Breach FNAF Fangames

Personal information
Real name



Virgin Islands, U.S.


May 1st

About me

Some Random Guy you ment