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Warning: This wiki will contained Extremes-Lefts, Extreme-Rights and worst of all criminals. - Optimus Prime

AnonymousCrusader also known as ToonamiUK and CrusaderToonamiUK is a user who appeared on not just FANDOM Wiki but also Shoutwiki and Miraheze. He works on Reaction Wiki doing some edits and sometimes create pages on well known user's show's or films.

Good Qualities

  1. He does not like SJW's in media as they pander LGBT and Left Wing propganda into his throat.
    • He even not a huge fan of Alt-Rights as well as they are the threat to democracy and equality.
  2. He's a huge fan of Dragon Ball as he's a huge fan of Goku, Goku Black and even Vegeta.
    • He is now recently a huge fan of Transformers as his best character is Optimus Prime, Blackarachnia and Bumblebee.
  3. He sides with Johnny Depp to stop Amber Heard due her crime's being exposed by the internet.
  4. Despite being a Left-Wingers he knows the flaws of the Left-Wing party's and also understands that Right Wing can had some good as well. This make him Centre-Left due to this.
    • He then changed to more Libertarian now making him more centrist nowadays.
  5. While not a huge fan of trump he respect anyone whos a fan of trump and also prefer to criticized trump over bashing trump and treating that all americans are Trump numbskull like Mat Brunet (Animat).
  6. He hates political correctness as they censored history and take away free speech.

The Only Two Bad Qualities

  1. Sometimes grammer issues can happened but this is minor.
  2. He sometimes overreacted to something minor.

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