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Clippy the useless Office assistant
Personal information
Real name

Clippit The Paperclip


Microsoft Office 2003,


Some Macintosh computer.,


Former Office assistant.


The Microsoft Agent Hole (in process):

Places I have lived

Microsoft Office 97, Microsoft Office 2000, Microsoft Office 2002, Microsoft Office 2003 and a bunch of computer programs/websites.

About me

Born in June 16, 1996 as an .act file, my job was in Microsoft Office 97. I used to "help" users with my multiple questions. In 1999, i discovered how 3D feels in my new job, Office 2000. I continued working until 2002, when some silly users said that Office assistants are annoying and useless. What a stupid virgins. Despite the fact people hate me, Microsoft has reused me for multiple things (April Fools, stickers, shipping me with Cortana...) but i never came back for long time. Now i discovered the wonderful world of Wikis, now i'm gonna edit every article that has spam or bad ortography. I'd also like to mock the shitty ortography of the articles and users. So i can say that... I'm the most annoying paperclip in the world. Bye.

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