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Custom information
Custom 1

Hello losers, My name is Cheddarman and i declare war on all cyberbully channels.

Custom 2

LIkes: Video games, YouTube, Call of Duty, Halo, GTA, Need for Speed, Fnaf, The Last Of Us (1 & 2) Discord, yelling at losers in discord, offensive jokes and memes, school ( dont call me a nerd), memes, music, being toxic in the YouTube comment section, Roblox (BEST GAME EVER :DDD) Sanic(GOTTA GO FAST)

Custom 3

Dislikes: Noobs, SJWs, people who think YouTube went downhill, Fucknite(Fortnite), Shitcraft(Minecraft), Fall Gays(Fall Guys), “Among Cucks, Among Retards, Among Asswipes”(Among Us), Star Wars(Episodes 1-9), Cyberbully channels (THEY ARE CANCER), Sensitive people, SJWs, Plush videos, People who think that they must hate their favorite games just because they are on the Crappy Games Wiki, people who take jokes seriously, Roblox haters, Whenever my crush becomes absent from school, and the list goes on...