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Hi. My name is Blubabluba9990. I am most active on Greatest Movies Wiki, Awful Movies Wiki, Terrible TV Shows Wiki, Best TV Shows Wiki, Fresh Websites Wiki, Rotten Websites Wiki, Horrible TV Show Episodes Wiki, and Marvelous TV Show Episodes Wiki, as well as my wikis, The Wow House Wiki and The Fowl House Wiki.

I have Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, OCD, and Anxiety Disorder. I align with the left wing, so please do not persecute me for my political beliefs.

Why I prefer Miraheze over FANDOM:

  1. Since it is not-for-profit, there are no ads.
  2. A much more simplistic design and appearance than FANDOM, as unlike FANDOM, Miraheze is uncustomized and is pure-MediaWiki.
  3. The stewards are very helpful, and respond faster than FANDOM staff.
  4. Unlike FANDOM, the global block logs, lock logs, and global user contributions are visible, so you know why users were globally blocked/locked.
  5. Miraheze’s Terms of Use is much simpler and shorter than FANDOM’s Terms of Use.
  6. It allows constructive criticism, which is why the Reception Wikis were moved here from FANDOM after they were closed there.
  7. The new UCP update on FANDOM impairs a lot of the functionality there and thus makes Miraheze easier to use.
  8. Far more customization options, including the ability to choose between various skins.
  9. Much more community-oriented than FANDOM.
  10. Multiple additional features that are not on FANDOM:
    • Users can be blocked from specific namespaces, which makes it easier for there to be a block that fits their specific violation.
    • A dark mode, which is nice considering the default white background.
    • The ability to hide specific revisions of page histories, including the changes, the edit summary, and the username, which is useful for hiding inappropriate edits/summaries/usernames.

Bad Qualities

  1. Miraheze does not have some features that FANDOM has, such as announcements, achievements/badges, the ability to rename yourself, among others.
  2. You have to request for a wiki to be made, and it has to be approved by stewards, though this is to prevent unnecessary wikis from flooding the site, and to prevent malicious wikis from being created.
  3. Comments unfortunately do not count as contributions, and you can’t get notifications from them.
  4. The VisualEditor is still bad, as there is no way to upload images or add infoboxes using the VisualEditor: it has to be done all in the Source Editor. Though this is more a problem with the MediaWiki editor in general than Miraheze-specific.
  5. There are some bad wikis:
    • Unfavorable Wikis & Users Wiki
    • Incredible Users & Wikis Wiki
    • Atrocious YouTubers Wiki
    • Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki
    • Healthy Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki
    • Atrocious Deviants Wiki
  • Luckily, all of the above listed bad wikis got closed by Stewards.

Wikis I am active on

  • Awful Movies Wiki
  • Terrible TV Shows Wiki
  • Best TV Shows Wiki
  • The Wow House Wiki
  • The Fowl House Wiki

Wikis I am semi-active on

  • Rotten Websites Wiki
  • Fresh Websites Wiki
  • Great Characters Wiki
  • Loathsome Characters Wiki
  • Awesome Games Wiki
  • Crappy Games Wiki
  • Greatest Movies Wiki

Wikis I will be more active on in the future

  • Amazing YouTubers Wiki
  • Delightful Music and Songs Wiki
  • Dreadful Books Wiki

Pages I Created