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Custom information
Custom 1

Hello, my name's Blaze McCartney! My full name is Élő Balázs so it's a Hungarian name that I got from my parents.

I'm a YouTuber from Hungary.

Custom 2

I was born from July 11, 2003.

Custom 3

I had a YouTube channel.

Subscribe to my channel:

Yeah, I was very busy.

Custom 4

And I have a friend of mine, who is from The Netherlands and mostly because he's known for creating Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning mods such as Meta Knightmare Basics. (Wow, I didn't realize that Baldi's Basics is bad until I checked it on Crappy Games Wiki.) His name is Kyle. You can subscribe to his channel, follow him on Twitter, join his Discord server, and add a friend on Discord. it's called Official Kyle Gamer 19 {Youtube}#5461. type it in Add Friend.

Other information

Keroro Gunsō the Super Movie, Deadpool, Deadpool 2, Ice Age, Harry Potter


The Simpsons, The Seinfeld, SGT. Frog, Unikitty!, Homestar Runner


Billie Jean

Video games

WarFrame, IMVU, Team Fortress 2, The Sims 4, Apex Legends

Personal information
Real name

Blaze McCartney




New York City, New York


July 11th, 2003