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Whilst we relish any sort of scathing and hilarious reviews about some of the many beloved and detested awful movies out there, we want to keep the amount of videos displayed to a minimum as well retain the integrity of the wiki. Because of this, only videos by YouTube reviewers who meet the following criteria will be displayed on movie pages.


  • Must have at least 20k or more subscribers.
  • The channel doesn't consist solely of reaction videos and must have at least one review of a movie.
    • Reaction videos to movies will not be featured on the page. Reaction clips found within the review however is acceptable.
  • Channel must have been active for more than a year exact since its creation.
    • Ie. If the channel was created on January 1st, 2016, it will only be accepted once it's reached January 1st, 2017.
  • Must have at least one video review criticizing a film that's featured on the wiki. Can also be pretending to come off as positive out of irony.

Once the channel meets all of the criteria listed above, it must be then accepted by the admins, but this won't mean it will definitely be accepted depending on the channel's quality of its content and other circumstances. Admins will still monitor videos uploaded despite the rules and they'll still have the duty to delete possible bad quality videos despite being allowed.

Automatic Approval Exceptions

  • Reviews from TV shows which are syndicated nationally in any country which have their reviews featured on YouTube ie. Siskel and Ebert, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, are automatically accepted regardless.
  • Any channel which is part of a network that is mentioned below ie. Film Brain which is a member of Channel Awesome, they will also be automatically accepted regardless of their subscriber count or date of channel creation.
  • Any video uploaded by a channel officially affiliated with the film.
    • Official trailers uploaded by either an official or unofficial affiliate will be featured regardless (does not include fan edited trailers).
    • Videos by unofficial channels which aren't trailers must first meet the criteria above.
  • Any trailer from YouTube channels owned by notable news and pop-culture websites ie. IGN, GameSpot, TIME, Huffington Post, BBC, WhatCulture, Nerdist, etc., will be automatically accepted, but no reviews in the risk that they may be "corrupted".
  • A secondary channel owned by one of the accepted channels listed below will be automatically accepted, but the video featured from that channel must be of a film review.
  • A review by one of the accepted accounts below uploaded as a mirror by a non-affiliated channel is automatically accepted. Ie. JonTron Archive, not officially owned by JonTronShow but kept as a mirror for his reviews.
    • However any other reviews from that channel, unless one of the accepted accounts below, will first need to meet the criteria above and be accepted by the admins.

If there is a channel you own or one you would like to suggest to be accepted, feel free to post it in this article's discussion section.

Accepted YouTube accounts

Name Subscriber count (as of Sep. 2017) Channel Creation
Andre "Black Nerd" 627,631 Jul 10, 2007
AngryJoeShow 2,814,437 Oct 3, 2008
Belated Media 217,900 Nov 13, 2010
brutalmoose 367,884 Jun 12, 2010
Caddicarus 552,233 Sep 10, 2011
Chris Stuckmann 1,100,749 Jan 6, 2011
Cinemassacre & The Angry Video Game Nerd 2,381,034 Apr 6, 2006
CinemaSins 7,186,064 Dec 11, 2012
ElectricDragon505 65,868 Oct 16, 2009
FanboyFlicks 100,804 Dec 23, 2010
The Film Theorists 5,104,043 May 12, 2014
Geekdom101 334,617 Mar 2, 2015
GoodBadFlicks 145,502 Jun 26, 2006
Good Mythical Morning 12,712,448 Sep 17, 2008
History Buffs 390,198 May 19, 2015
Huérfano Producciones 55,962 May 28, 2008
I Hate Everything 1,458,863 Aug 23, 2013
Jeremy Jahns 1,339,817 Mar 7, 2007
JonTronShow 3,351,711 Aug 31, 2010
Jordan Underneath 128,284 Jan 22, 2013
LarryBundyJr 292,324 Aug 28, 2010
Looper 1,844,044 Nov 24, 2015
Nostalgia Critic & other Channel Awesome channels 939,910 Jul 10, 2014
PeanutButterGamer 1,791,382 Jan 16, 2009
PhantomStrider 337,747 Nov 13, 2007
ProJared 942,076 Nov 20, 2006
Quinton Reviews 153,515 Aug 1, 2013
RebelTaxi 352,425 Nov 3, 2008
RedLetterMedia 610,774 Sep 29, 2007
Saberspark 358,319 Sep 18, 2007
Scarfulhu 42,226 Dec 4, 2012
SuperKamiGuru9000 22,541 Apr 2, 2011
TheMysteriousMrEnter 250,475 Feb 20, 2013
This Exists 353,969 Dec 3, 2013
YourMovieSucksDOTorg 630,418 Jun 1, 2010 15,322,787 Jan 25, 2007