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15. Burger King Foot Lettuce.

The last thing you'd want in your Burger King burger is someone's foot fungus. But as it turns out, that might be what you get.

Pixel Greets You



Hey, I'm Anonymy. I'm some 14 year old on the internet looking for someone's secret stash of inflation pics.

Ps I refuse to believe Woody, Lollipop, Bubble, Pen and Gelatin are straight >:(

Fun Facts About Me!

  1. my search history will make you want to jump off a seven story building
  2. you dont wanna look at my penraser pictures
  3. or my cake ones
  4. or my tengolf ones
  5. or my flowerby ones
  6. or my 4X ones
  7. lollipop sucks

My OCs (more info about them later)

Autodraw 10 26 2020.png

if you vandalize my page, you will regret it.


Media Like/Love Dislike/Hate Neutral/No opinion/ I don't give 2 fucks
Books Wonder (gave me a different look at myself since im kinda ugly)


Fairy Tail

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (sorry)

Any of those thousand page fantasy books


Captain Underpants (used to love it, but the movie made me change my mind)
Movies Steven Universe: The Movie (FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!)

Trolland (ironically)

Zootopia (Oh, this is a love)

Alice In Wonderland (Old) (the whole movie is pretty much an aesthetic)

Captain Underpants (I didn't even crack a smile during that movie)

Cuties (Oh, this? THIS IS A FUCKING HATE)

The Boss Baby

WTDGTD (hate)

Live Action Disney Remakes
TV Shows/Webseries BFDI/BFB (Used to find it meh, but now it's literally an adore.)

Inanimate Insanity (ditto)

Steven Universe (love)

The Owl House (Just got into it)

Little Witch Acadamia (love)


The Problem Solverz (Why??? Why does this show exist???)


Most Baby Shows (No, I am not a preschool show hater. It's that they can be sooo annoying.)

Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out! (Little to no purpose)

TLC reality shows/documentaries

Happy Tree Friends (nvm this show sucks)

Beyond Scared Straight (This is far from a hate. Heck, this is even far than a despise. No words can describe how much I loathe this "documentary". Mentally abusing children is not gonna "fix their attitude because they didn't eat their veggies". The documentary is pretty much abusing actual real life children, in every way possible. How did they they allow this to get aired on television???? Sending your children (some are under 12, by the way) to get sweared at, pushed around, hit on by actual criminals, eat disgusting and even moldy food, wear dirty clothing, and overall get abused does NOT make you better than your child. In fact, it makes you 1000000000000x WORSE than your child! Risking your child's health and even life makes you a horrible parent. I get the children disbehave, but that's not their fault. It's the parent's fault for not getting good treatment, and not trying to actually help your children with these problems. YOU are abusing your children by sending them to a random prison to get physically, emotionally, and mentally hurt. This can lead to depression, suicidal thoughts, and your child may even go on with it. This is the parent's fault. In all ways. Even if they are just actors and this is just "something to show children so they behave", this is not right. Abuse is illegal. I don't see why this "documentary" isn't.)

Characters Pen (BFDI) (My favorite character. Lollipop can fuck off.

Tennis Ball (BFDI) (Love. He has the best voice ever)

Tree (BFDI) (Adore)

Flower (BFDI)

Golfball (BFDI)

Eraser (BFDI) (My second favorite character. Lollipop can fuck off.)

Woody (BFDI)

Bubble (BFDI) (Love)

Gelatin (BFDI)

Blocky (BFDI) (Adore

Match (BFDI) (Adore)

Pencil (BFDI)

Cake (BFDI) (Love <3)

Loser (BFDI; one of the underrated characters. why do so many people on the wiki hate him??? his voice isn't a valid answer. and yes, this is a love)

Ruby (BFDI)

Cloudy (BFDI)

Balloony (BFDI)

Remote (BFDI)

Snowball (BFDI; he's so great they named balls of snow after him)

Teardrop (BFDI; I wonder if they'll talk if she wins/gets eliminated)

Black Hole (BFDI)

Firey (BFDI)

Leafy (BFDI) Taco (The Inanimate Insanity one, not the Karen)


Knife (II)

Suitcase (II)

Balloon (II)

Microphone (II)

Lollipop (BFDI) (Literally the only character I hate. Get off of my screen you bland overrated haha funni character.)

Nickel (From both BFDI and II)

Singers/Musicians/Genres/Songs Melanie Martinez


Billie Eillish



Fifth Harmony

PC Music

Bubble Goth


A***** E****** (Name is censored for her safety)

Dirty Rap in general

Justin Bieber

Shawn Mendez

Jessie J

Nicki Minaj

Cardi B

Bruno Mars


YouTubers Most of my YouTube Friends and Real Life Friends



Christina Lorre

Most Animation Memes


Dreamalgia (I am no longer friends with Lucid. I cannot blame Tea for what m friend decided to do. I forgive Tea, as the things he did were 5 years ago.)

Pewdiepie (why the hell is he the most subscribed youtube channel)

Calobi productions (Nope you're a pedophile)

Kitty Channel Afnan (Overrated as fuck)

Those art tiktok channels (like pinkramen, thicccake is the only exception)

The Ace Family (Where do I start??? They are fucking douchebags, enough said.)

The Prince Family (ditto)

CJ SO COOL (Not as bad as the first two, but his name is already egotistical and his channel is pretty much a big fucking flex)

Animation memes that look like the only thing that took time was the art (Bad content = more subscribers apparently)

Antoons (fuck antoons all my homies hate antoons)

Hello Lyana Kitty (Also kinda overrated, but she earned her subs)



Users xXSeph MySpaceXx



Vandals and trolls

Portrock1566 (I cannot put anyone in my likes list unless they either put me in theirs or they do it for me, so I don't mess around and consider someone my friend when they genuinely feel neutral around me. Sorry.)

MeMeGuYWasLost (ditto)

HellLord (they're really nice tbh. The only problem I have with them are that they can get annoying)

Ships Woodblock (BFB; or whatever the fuck its called)

Matchcil (BFB; i see pencil and match as lesbians)

Penraser (BFB; haha gay people)

Icelety (BFB)

Flowerby (BFB)

Tengolf (BFB)

Firoiny (BFB; it makes sense, and Coiny wouldn't burn as easily.)

(most) Multi-Character ships that make sense (eg. Blocky x Pen x Eraser)

Snowblock (BFDI)

Lollibag (BFB; the point of a good relationship is to care for your partner. Why would barf bag want to date her enemy? Why would lollipop date a dumb, ugly person who she doesn't pay attention to?)

Penpencil (BFB; all because of one scene you ship them???)

Eratch (BFB; why do people ship these two????? they have barely interacted. when they have interacted, it was in a negative way.)

Picake (BFB)

Coinpin (BFB; i. hate. this. ship. no questions.)

Coineedle (BFB; this one sucks balls too)

Pedophilic, incestous, abusive, or zoophilic ships

Blaco (BFB; Hate to break it to ya 12 year olds, but Taco would pretty much call anyone darling as the mom she is)

Any ship involving Rocky/Spongy (this is self-explanatory)

Ships that make no sense (eg. Snowball x Bubble)


Flocky (BFB)

Cakeser (BFB; okay, the ship is pretty cute. but, i imagine cake as a guy who just started his adulthood, and i see loser as an old man, at least 50. If you see them at a different age, good for you.)

Gelapop (I don like the ship, but the idiot Flowerpop shippers censoring its name makes me wanna ship is even more. gelapop gelapop gelapop)

Miscellaneous Things Yuri


Inflation (I'm not the dickster type of person)



Yaoi (ISTG im not a fujoshi)

Pastel stuff (especially pastel goth)


Digital Art


The Gacha Community (A big gachatuber sent their toxic fans to attack me for saying that the gachatuber couldn't take jokes. i got tons of death threats and hate to the point where i was forced to apologize and delete the post)


IXL (I once had a mental breakdown because of it)

Extreme Anti SJWs

Paraphilias (read below)

Incest (Like, I hate it. Like, hate it. In fact, there are no words to describe how much I hate it. Seriously. I hate it.)





Underage users (Now, I get they can be nuisances sometimes. But, I have a few underage friends on YouTube (One is 11, the other is 12, and one just turned 13)

Traditional Art

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