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Tony Hawk in Boom Boom Sabotage

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Tony Hawk in Boom Boom Sabotage is a computer-animated feature-length film starring Tony Hawk produced by Mainframe Entertainment, who is now Rainmaker Entertainment. FUNimation Entertainment distributed the movie in USA and Japan, while Alliance Atlantis distributed it in Canada. In Mainframe's early productions, the movie was titled Tony Hawk in Boom Boom Goes the Circus, which uses cel-shading characters. Some of the early designs can still be seen in Mainframe's web site.

Why It Sucks

  1. Awful animation with horrible character models to boot.
  2. One dimensional characters who are given no development. They are just generic stereotypes often shown in kid's films.
  3. Constant skating montages that serve no purpose but to do several things: Shove the skateboarding premise down the audience's throat, show off the "cool" skateboarding the animators were able to make, and last of all, they serve no purpose but to be filler.
  4. Cheap soundtack; the same exact annoying song plays during the skating montages.
  5. Almost non existant story of a bunch of kids trying to save Tony from a bad guy who used to own a circus that got shut down because skateboarding became famous in the city the movie takes place in.
  6. It's just a 70 minute-long rubber stamp advertisement for the Boom Boom HuckJam, an event created by Tony himself in 2002 that actually exists.
  7. There's one nauseating scene where a character drinks another character's snot from a mug. It's just as gross as it sounds...
  8. There's another disgusting scene where Grimley shows his foot to the camera, which not only has blood running from the base of the nail, but even flies buzzing around it to boot. It's just as revolting as the snot scene...
  9. Extremely poor voice acting.


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