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Tommy Wiseau
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"What are you doing on computer, GO OUTSIDE SO BEAUTIFUL!"
Nationality: Polish
Gender: Male
Born: Tomasz Wieczorkiewicz
October 3, 1955
Poznan, Poland
Occupation: Actor
Film director
Years active: 2003–present
Notable works: The Room

Thomas Pierre "Tommy" Wiseau (born Tomasz Wieczorkiewicz, October 3, 1955) is a Polish-American actor, director, and producer who is most recognized for his infamous film The Room. Despite how awful his work is, it has gained a large cult following which has allowed Wiseau to continue finding film work in niche roles and pursue creating his own projects.


  • TBA: Big Shark - Patrick, director, writer, producer (Upcoming)
  • 2019: SpaceWorld - TX (Animated video)
  • 2018: Best F(r)iends - Harvey Lewis
  • 2017: The Disaster Artist - Henry (Cameo)
  • 2016: Cold Moon - Rodeo Official
  • 2015: Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance - Linton Kitano, producer
  • 2015: The Neighbors - Charlie / Ricky Rick, writer, producer (TV series)
  • 2010: The House That Drips Blood on Alex - Alex (Short film)
  • 2004: Homeless in America - director, writer, producer (Documentary)
  • 2003: The Room - Johnny, director, writer, producer

Why He Sucks

  1. He is a terrible actor, writer, and director who's oblivious to his actual understanding of how things work.
  2. His films, despite having a high budget, are of poor quality in acting, story, and continuity, showing he prefers quantity over quality.
  3. Rather than learn from his mistakes, he tries to hide from them by later stating that they were intentional.
  4. He tried to take down YouTube reviews criticizing his work, despite coming under fair-use, only for them to later return once they've been appealed by the user.
  5. According to The Disaster Artist, he kept on disagreeing with the film crew on how The Room should have been. If he'd listened to the film crew about how the film should have worked, then maybe the film would have been successful (although that also would've meant that the film wouldn't have been as hilarious...)
  6. Adding to this, he also allegedly mistreated his cast, such as forcing Juliette Danielle (Lisa from The Room) to do sex scenes even though she wasn’t comfortable, not allowing Greg Sestero to go and shoot other movies, and did not even provide water for his cast or crew (an illegal move).
  7. His films usually use green screen for the outside instead of filming outdoors.
  8. He wanted to direct a sequel to Fantastic Four even though the film was terrible.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As Johnny from The Room, he has spawned multiple memes that became iconic within the community.
  2. Parts of his movie and his actions do have a so-bad-it's-good quality.


  • For a long time, Wiseau's age and exact nationality were completely unknown to the public. It was only after a failed lawsuit in 2016 to block a documentary about him that his real name and birth date were revealed.
  • Derek Savage actually wants him to be in Cool Cat Stops a School Shooting[1]


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