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To Boldly Flee

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To Boldly Flee
To Boldly Flee from this movie...
Genre: Adventure
Science fiction
Directed By: Doug Walker
Produced By: Holly Christine Brown
Michael Michaud
Rob Walker
Jillian Zurawski
Written By: Doug Walker
Rob Walker
Starring: Doug Walker
Lindsay Ellis
Lewis Lovhaug
Noah Antwiler
Brad Jones
Phelan Porteous
Joe Vargas
Photography: Color
Cinematography: Ed Glaser
Release Date: October 20, 2012
Runtime: 209 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Prequel: Suburban Knights

To Boldly Flee is a 2012 comedy film, written and directed by Doug Walker, as his Nostalgia Critic persona. It was made for the fourth anniversary of Channel Awesome, and is a sequel to their previous film, Suburban Knights.


After the events of Suburban Knights, the Nostalgia Critic is still depressed over Ma-Ti's death. However, he is soon arrested for breaking copyright laws, and a cosmic threat, the "Plot Hole", suddenly appears. It's now up to the Critic to prove his and his friends' innocence, and prevent the Plot Hole from destroying the universe.

Why It Boldly Fails

  1. To put it quite simply, at three and a half hours, the movie is way too long.
  2. The movie looks really cheap and poorly-filmed, even for a low-budget indie film.
  3. There are numerous continuity errors due to the troubled and amateurish filming.
  4. Much of the humor falls flat.
  5. The huge number of pop-culture references feel really lazy and excessive. Heck, many of them are just ripped directly out of other, better films.
  6. The writing comes off as extremely self-indulgent toward the Nostalgia Critic.
  7. One of the movie's main plot points: the death of the Critic, was reversed a year later, making the entire thing pointless.
  8. The movie's production was extremely troubled:
    • The Walkers argued with Ed Glaser over the shooting of a scene. Glaser later vowed never to work with them again, and his name was included in the credits against his will.
    • The script was only given to the actors right before shooting started, giving them little time to read it. Many didn't know the Nostalgia Critic was going to be killed off.
    • The cast and crew were extremely overworked, as they had only a week to shoot the movie.
    • A lot of the participants weren't paid, despite contributing financially to the movie.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Some of the actors do actually try, and give good performances.


Critical response

The movie was panned by audiences and those who worked on it. Criticism focused on its overly long runtime, poor humor, and self-indulgent nature.

Six years later, in 2018, many of the participants voiced their grievances about the movie's production and Channel Awesome's management as part of #changethechannel.


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