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The Wild World of Batwoman

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The Wild World of Batwoman
Before there was a TV show of Batwoman, we got this "wild world" of a movie.
Genre: Superhero
Directed By: Jerry Warren
Written By: Jerry Warren
Starring: Katherine Victor
George Andre
Steve Brodie
Lloyd Nelson
Richard Banks
Photography: Black and white
Distributed By: ADPProductions
Release Date: 1966
Runtime: 70 minutes
Country: United States

The Wild World of Batwoman is a 1966 superhero film written and directed by Jerry Warren. It was made to capitalize on the popularity of the 1966 Batman TV series. After he was sued for copyright infringement (a lawsuit which he won), Warren re-released it as She Was a Hippy Vampire.


Batwoman, with the help of her fellow female "Batgirls", pursues her arch-enemy, "Rat Fink".

Why It Sucks

  1. It has pretty much nothing to do with the DC comics Batwoman.
  2. The intro of the film (added after the lawsuit), which has something to do about "synthetic vampires", has absolutely nothing to do with the plot.
  3. Much of the film consists of stock footage taken from other movies, including The Mole People and a Mexican wrestling movie, which creates a number of continuity problems.
  4. Nonsensical plot.
  5. The numerous plot twists are confusing, stupid, and don't really contribute anything to the overall plot.
  6. Batwoman and the Batgirls are more or less useless heroes.
  7. An excessive number of dancing scenes that grind the movie to a halt.
  8. Batwoman's costume is cheap and unconvincing.
  9. Terrible acting with poorly-read lines.
  10. The attempts at humor all fall flat.


  • The casting director apparently got most of the Batgirls by waiting outside a strip club that was being raided by police.

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