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The STIX Movie

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The STIX Movie
STIX Movie.jpg
A movie? More like a special!
Genre: Action
Directed By: Mitchell Tansell
Produced By: Michelle Evans
Mitchell Tansell
Written By: Andrew Brauer
Mitchell Tansell
Based On: STIX by Mitchell Tansell
Starring: Mitchell Tansell
Megan Maravilla
Andrew Brauer
Nicholas Lozano
Joe Quijano
Jason Hoxtell
Lain Webmint
Cinematography: Mitchell Tansell
Distributed By: Adobe Flash C6
Release Date: October 12, 2016
Runtime: 42 minutes
Country: Australia
Language: English
Sequel: The STIX Movie Remake (in development)

The STIX Movie is a 2016 movie.


When a super villain to turn Earth into his own version of Hell, two unlikely regular stick figures must embark on a journey to save their world and discover the truth about their past.

Bad Qualities

  1. The animation, while is a decent upgrade from the first 2 seasons, is still looks stiff, slow and clunky, it's like The Fairly OddParents Season 10b animation and The Loud House Movie animation (for the most part) mixed together.
    • They didn't even bother lip syncing the characters.
  2. The story is very basic: Jacob and Larry try to save the world (all because they just wanna have fun), so simple that they still screw it up.
    • Some elements also make zero sense, like, why does the pirate amusement park have so much dangerous Indiana Jones-styled traps even though it's an amusement park???
    • How did the third diamond even get to where Larry and Jacob live?
    • Who is Courage and what even is his relation with Death?
    • How do Larry and Jacob travel so quickly to locations like Texas and Australia... on foot?
    • How did Larry and Jacob not fall into another prisoner's cell when they dug through the floor? This is necessary because it was implied that they were in a cell on an upper floor.
    • How is there a dead Australian angel (yes, you heard that right) laying on the sidewalk? And why are there no other people around aside from Larry and Jacob to witness it?
  3. The voice acting, while it is an major improvement, is still bad as Seasons 1-2.
    • The funny part about this is that Zoey and Stella have the same voice. Yoshi Player even admitted to this happening because he was being lazy.
    • Whenever Larry shouts, he sounds way too aggravated and occasionally sounds as squeaky as a dog toy.
  4. Death, the villain in this "movie" is the stick figure version of Morag from The Loud House Movie, and while bad, she is still way better portrayed than Death.
    • Plus his name is not even a name, it's more of a word, which feels generic.
    • Death also has no personality other than "I'm gonna rule the world because I'm evil!", and even with a backstory, he's still absurdly bland of a character.
  5. The characters in this movie were flanderized to the max.
    • Jacob went from a creep into a dumb, annoying sadist who always annoys Larry, you can even call him a Season 5 Leni Loud clone.
    • Larry went from a careless person into a angry, arrogant jerk.
      • Even worse is in the beginning, as when Larry sees Jacob's parents' gored bodies from a car crash, all he just says is "Oh... ouch, that's gotta hurt." Is Larry secretly a psychopath or what?
  6. The jokes in this special are Sonic Lost World/Sonic Forces levels of comedy, and even those games had better jokes than this.
  7. Even though Yoshi Player confirmed that the whole special will be animated in Flash, there are still some scenes that was animated with MS Paint.
  8. Misleading title: The movie is called The STIX Movie, yet the movie is not even three quarters of an hour!
  9. Most of the backgrounds are just clipart ripped from Google Images.
  10. This movie is basically a Dick Figures: The Movie rip-off, and it even proudly admits it with Red making a cameo for a bad Dick Figures reference.

Good Qualities

  1. The animation is a good upgrade from the first two seasons.
  2. Season 3 is a massive improvement over Seasons 1-2 and the movie, Season 3 is so good that Season 3 was the reason that Seasons 1-2 and the movie are non-canon.
  3. The voice acting is an major improvement over Seasons 1-2, although it's still terrible.
  4. Stella, Zoey and (to an lesser extent) Courage are at least likeable characters.


The STIX Movie has met mixed comments from critics and audiences. The movie holds a 6.5/10 on IMDB. But this movie has received generally positive comments from fans. Some critics hate this movie mainly because of the animation, story and characters. Even the director admitted that he hated the movie, stating that, “this is the worst thing that he made ever made.” Because of this, he’s planning to make a remake of the movie in the future.


  • As mentioned above, Yoshi Player, the director of the movie, even admitted that he hated the movie in his Let's Tackle of it.
  • A remake of the movie is expected to release in 2025 or 2026.


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