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The Prodigy

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The Prodigy
More like "One girl against a terrible movie".
Genre: Family
Directed By: Robert D. Hanna
Written By: Robert D. Hanna
Starring: Courtnee Draper
Robby Daniels
Ray Hanna
Photography: Color
Distributed By: Peace Arch Home Entertainment
Release Date: July 7, 2009
Runtime: 1hr 17min
Country: United States
Language: English

The Prodigy (also known as Way of the Panda or Karate Panda) is a 2009 animated CGI action-comedy film. It is infamous for being a Kung Fu Panda ripoff.


With the help of her brave yet zany Master Panda, KG must rescue the handsome Prince Po and restore justice to her beautiful kingdom. During her adventure, KG learns that there is no limit to what she can accomplish, if she believes in herself.

Why It Ain't Prodigal

  1. Terrible animation. It looks more like an early GameCube or Dreamcast game, and even those games had way better animation, and they came out years prior. Even ToonGrin made fun of the film by making video game references.
  2. False Advertising: Despite the fact that the panda master is the main focus on the cover, it is actually KG who is the main protagonist. It does not help that the alternative titles exclusively refer to the panda master.
  3. There are some stolen properties, like the infamous Mortal Kombat logo in one of the scenes, but edited to look like silver. Even KG looks like Chun-Li.
  4. Most of the characters are either generic, or unlikeable. The panda master is easily the worst one, being a racist stereotype (according to ToonGrin) and having a high-pitched robotic voice.
  5. The soundtrack, besides being stereotypical, is very off-key. There is also a pop song in the middle of the film, which counts as anachronism.
  6. One of the villains has a very unfitting design, making her look like she came from a medieval fantasy film.
  7. Near the end of the movie, one scene depicts said villain drinking a "love potion," which is a reference to drugs. It does not help that the substance looks a bit like Pepto-Bismol.
  8. Bland and low-quality voice-acting, although the panda suffers the worst.
  9. Ugly character designs, with the panda master that look like more a black and white koala.
  10. A mountain of animation errors.
  11. And how do you top this unfortunate sundae? Why, with poop jokes from our panda master!

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. This movie is considered to be a "so bad, it's good" vibe.


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