The Nuttiest Nutcracker

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The Nuttiest Nutcracker
Genre: Musical
Directed By: Harold Harris
Produced By: Dan Krech
Diane Eskenazi
Based On: The Nutcracker
Starring: Debi Derryberry
Kevin Schon
Cheech Marin
Desirée Goyette
Jim Cummings
Tress MacNeille
Cam Clarke
Phyllis Diller
Jim Belushi
Jeff Bennet
Distributed By: Dan Krech Productions
Pacific Title/Mirage
Columbia TriStar Home Video
Release Date: October 19, 1999
Runtime: 48 minutes
Country: United States


Language: English
Budget: $84,000

The Nuttiest Nutcracker is a 1999 direct to video computer-animated Christmas special based on The Nutcracker, and directed by Harold Harris.

Bad Qualities

  1. The idea of adding anthropomorphic fruits, vegetables, and nuts in a Nutcracker story can get really confusing.
  2. Weak CGI animation, even for direct to video standards, to look like an old PS1 game, and it doesn’t even help that Softimage, the old animators of VeggieTales from 1993 to 1999, animated this.
  3. The story is a great idea, but it is not well-executed, and how the result of the story is nonsensical and frustratingly idiotic.
  4. Mediocre grasp of the source material.
  5. Marie is a bland and weak protagonist.
  6. By looking at the video cover, you will think the foods are the main characters, but when you watch the movie, it will turn out that Marie is technically the protagonist.
  7. Annoying characters (most of the time).
  8. The Nutcracker Prince doesn’t do much but fight the Mouse Army.
  9. While the character designs on the fruits and nuts are decent, they might look like rip-offs of VeggieTales characters.
  10. Weak humor.
  11. While the voice acting is good, it can be somewhat annoying at times.
  12. Forgettable musical numbers.
  13. A lot of useless filler that only exists to pad out the runtime.

Good Qualities

  1. Good voice acting, particularly from Cheech Marin, Jim Belushi, and Phyllis Diller.
  2. Reginald is a likable character and an entertaining antagonist.
  3. The characters can actually be tolerable at times.
  4. The story was a wonderful idea, and will have been done better if actually well-executed.
  5. The animation does look nice in some parts.
  6. The character designs are okay, despite looking like rip-offs of the VeggieTales characters.
  7. Some funny parts here and there.
  8. It does teach valuable lessons in helping others and keeping a good attitude no matter how badly the things you wish worked out go.
  9. While most of the humor is weak, there are still some hilarious moments.