The Night B4 Christmas

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The Night B4 Christmas is a Hip-Hop oriented Christmas special that aired Christmas 2003. The special was so poorly received, that it rarely even airs on television. However, it has been uploaded to YouTube.


An African-American elf named Elvin is fired from his job - which is making toys at the North Pole in Santa's Workshop - and decides to make it big in the music business and become a rapper.  

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor animation and character designs. For example, Elvin has no neck.
  2. The movie plays the Furry Confusion trope by making two dogs (they are one of the main characters) in the movie walk on their hind legs, while a pack of guard dogs move around on all fours.
  3. On that topic alone, the world is very bizarre, theres are talking dogs in this universe, that again, this film was made for kids.
  4. This movie rips off both "The Year Without A Santa Claus" and "Bebe's Kids".
  5. Somewhat dark for a kids film, the villain threats the heroes that he'll squish them in bicycle tights.
  6. The main antagonist's daughter's name is literally "Evilina".
  7. Santa does not look like anything like the Santa we know, while he has a beard, he does not have a mustache, which is odd.
  8. While the business man is considered the main antagonist, Santa could be considered as the real main antagonist, as he was the one who started this mess in the first place.
  9. It pulls the Xtremely Kool Letterz trope by simply putting "B4" in the movie name.
  10. The movie takes BREAKS and in those breaks, it reuses animation.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The voice acting is passable.
  2. There are some good funny moments here and there.
  3. The story about a rapping elf that's saving Christmas while stopping an evil business man was an interesting idea.
  4. The special is entirely spoken in rhyme, something thats not often seen in media. (you try and write an entire 2 hour movie script entirely in rhyme, and have it make sense.)
  5. Some songs can be good