The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter

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The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter
Genre: Adventure
Directed By: Dieter Geissler
Produced By: George T. Miller
Based On: The NeverEnding Story
by Michael Ende
Starring: Jonathan Brandis
Kenny Morrison
Clarissa Burt
John Wesley Shipp
Martin Umbach
Distributed By: Warner Bros.
Release Date: October 25, 1990
Runtime: 90 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: English
Franchise: The NeverEnding Story
Prequel: The NeverEnding Story
Sequel: The NeverEnding Story III

The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter is a 1990 German-American fantasy film and a sequel to the fantasy film The NeverEnding Story, covering the second half of the book that both movies were based on. It was released in October 25, 1990 in Germany and later to the United States in 1991.


Having saved the magical land of Fantasia from destruction in "The NeverEnding Story," young Bastian is having trouble in the real world. Feeling abandoned by his overworked father, Barney, he picks up the book that led to his first adventure. He hears the voice of Fantasia's ruler, the Childlike Empress, telling him that her land needs help. Bastian returns to the kingdom, now threatened by a sorceress named Xayide who steals and watches Bastian's wishes from each wish that Bastian uses for help.

Bad Qualities

  1. Many of the actors from the first movie didn't return to their roles, while it is possibly done due to the actors growing out of their roles. Many of the replacements felt off.
    1. Atreyu is portrayed by Kenny Morrison instead of Noah Hathaway (Noah Hathaway is only used for stock footage that is from the first film), while he has a decent performance, the looks of the character looked very different to the first movie
    2. Bastian's father is portrayed by John Wesley Shipp instead of Gerald McRaney, this could confuse some viewers of thinking that Bastian had a different father.
    3. The Childlike Empress is portrayed by Alexandra Johnes instead of Tami Stronach, just like Atreyu the character looked very different.
    4. Both Falkor and Pyornkrachzark (Rockbiter in the movies) were both recasted, and their voices felt like they were swapped.
  2. Some dumb moments in the film, such as.
    1. Bastian wishing for a spray can for no apparent reason instead of a better weapon, like a sword.
    2. Bastian wishing for each step instead of 1 simple wish for stairs, this was clearly done to waste all of Bastian's wishes faster.
    3. Bastian wishing for a fire breathing dragon to ride on, in which backfires since it almost killed a bunch of people in Fantasia. He could have made a another wish for the dragon to obey him, or undo the damage it has done.
  3. Nimbly is an annoying character throughout the film, as he always tells Bastian to make a wish every time. His voice can also get annoying as well.
  4. The special effects have not aged well for 1990, in which is noticeable with the scene where Bastian jumps off the cliff to return to his world in which the waterfall looks unrealistic, and Bastian was clearly Blue Screened in.
  5. Many of the characters from the original film have not reappeared, despite Atreyu defeating The Nothing in the first film.
  6. Xayide is a boring and bland villain, as all she really did was steal and watch Bastian's memories.
    • As for Xayide, she gets defeated very easily. After Bastian makes his final wish to have Xayide have a heart. In which results in her crying and then disappearing.
  7. Plothole: In this movie, Bastian is scared of heights. But in the end of the original film, he is seen flying with Falkor. Which can confuse viewers, as Bastian was completely fine while flying with Falkor in the sky.

Good Qualities

  1. Many of the things from the original film return such as. In which the sequel after this, doesn't have.
    1. Thomas Hill as Carl Conrad Coreander
    2. The puppets of Falkor and Rockbiter.
    3. The NeverEnding Story Theme Song.
    4. Noah Hathaway riding Artax (Although it is used as stock footage)
    5. The kitchen scene from the original film.
    6. The NeverEnding Storybook Prop
  2. Unlike in the first film, that Bastian's Dad was only on screen for one scene. Bastian's Dad actually has more screen time and is the narrator of the story.
  3. Amazing soundtrack. Especially the NeverEnding Story Theme Song from the original film.
  4. Unlike the sequel after this movie, it is very faithful to the second half of the book.
  5. Decent acting, despite the recasting. In fact the acting is better than the sequel.


The movie was received negatively by fans and critics, as it has a 5.2/10 on IMDb, and a 14% on Rotten Tomatoes.



  • Jonathan Gregory Brandis, the actor who played Bastian in this movie, passed away on November 12, 2003 because of a suicide from hanging himself due to being removed from a 2002 film called Hart's War.


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