The Little Panda Fighter

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The Little Panda Fighter
The Little Panda Fighter poster.jpg
"Oh, how the humanity had fallen!"
Genre: Animation
Directed By: Michelle Gabriel
Written By: Maurico Milani
Starring: Paul Schlosser (dubbed by Dan Green)
Sidney Ross (dubbed by David Brimmer)
Photography: Color
Distributed By: Morningstar Entertainment
Release Date: November 18, 2008
Runtime: 51 minutes
Country: Brazil

The Little Panda Fighter, titled Ursinho da Pesada in Brazil and originally titled Heavy's Little Bear, is a Brazilian direct-to-video computer-animated sports action comedy film made by Vídeo Brinquedo. The film has received criticism for being a knock-off of the more superior DreamWorks Animation film Kung Fu Panda.


A panda janitor named Pancada (meaning "punch" or "beatdown" in Portuguese) works at a boxing/wrestling club called the "Bear Bar Box". He has dreams of one day becoming a professional dancer and is in love with a waitress named Beth. His boss, a polar bear named Polaris, is scheduled to fight a large bear named Freak Teddy. Pancada visits his dancing instructor, Master Xin, who teaches him about loyalty. The following day, Polaris has found a black costume and tells Pancada to wash it for him. The costume shrinks in the wash, resulting in Polaris having the appearance of a panda bear. As Polaris begins the fight with Freak Teddy, Pancada goes to a dance competition, wherein he ends up winning.

Polaris wins the match against Freak Teddy, and because of his panda-like appearance, the club's patrons mistakenly congratulate Pancada for being a powerful fighter. Pancada, having won the dance competition, erroneously believes that he is being congratulated for his dancing skills. Before Polaris leaves for a vacation, Pancada himself enters the ring to fight Freak Teddy and loses. Polaris informs Pancada that he had made a bet that Pancada would lose the fight, and therefore, he becomes wealthy. After Polaris heads off for the icy mountains, Pancada transforms the boxing club into a dance club.

Why It Sucks

  1. Its main criticism is that it's a rip-off of Kung Fu Panda, to the point where in the cover art, Pancada does the same Kung Fu pose that Po does in the cover art for Kung Fu Panda. The movie also rips off characters from Yogi Bear and Care Bears.
  2. Lazy and dreadful CGI animation that is somehow worse than Video Brinquedo’s previous film.
  3. The lip-syncing is way off.
  4. Bad editing.
  5. Nightmarish character designs, Pancada is an fine exemple of this.
  6. Very unlikable characters (with the exeption of Polaris see RQ 3).
  7. Horrible soundtrack. For example, in one scene the music score sounds more like, we kid you not, a piano literally being smashed by a sledgehammer than attempting to play a coherent tune. Yes, really.
  8. False Advertising for two reasons:
    • For one thing, Pancada, the "little" panda is actually a full-grown adult panda, and he doesn't even fight until the last five minutes of the movie. He only did it because he wanted to be treated like a celebrity if he won.
    • The DVD cover shows the protagonist in a Kung Fu pose, despite the movie's main martial art being about boxing (or wrestling, whatever).
  9. Despite Pancada being the main character, he barely does anything in the film.
  10. The English dub is pretty awkward. All the characters fluctuate between speaking quickly and slowly at certain times that it's hard to understand what they're saying. This is mainly due to the fact that the film was dubbed, so the actors had to do their best to match what the characters are saying.
  11. The movie is full of padding to increase the run time. For example, there is a whole entire scene where Pancada just walks over a bridge (which lasts for 21 seconds), there are three scenes where Pancada walks into Polaris's office, which takes a very long time to walk up to Polaris, and then there is a scene where Beth is taking a long time to pick up the newspaper. There is also a pointless sub-plot of Pancada, after dancing in front of some judges and Master Xin, being accepted into a dance academy. The reason this is pointless is that, after that scene is over, neither Pancada nor Master Xin ever mentions it again. There's also a tiresome scene where Pancada trains for the match against Freak Teddy which uses the same footage but only edited. It lasts 3 minutes.
  12. Laughable dialogue, such as the scene after Pancada loses the match and Polaris said "I'm about the richest man in the whole city!!!", despite the fact that they're all bears and don't even live in a city.
  13. During the filler where Pancada trains for the match (as stated above), there are attempts at intentional comedy, but they are shamelessly poor and stupid.
  14. Poor world building, as there's barely no one around in the place, to the point that it feels very boring since the only locations mentioned are the Bear Bar Box and Master Xin's dojo house.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. A few unintentionally funny moments (like Freak Teddy laughing, stopping, and then laughing again).
  2. The voice acting is decent from a few actors like Dan Green and Mike Pollock, despite being a bit awkward. They also put effort into it.
  3. There are some likable characters like Polaris.
  4. The ending credits theme is catchy.


The film received extremely negative reviews from both critics audiences. It currently has a 21% rating from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes and currently has an IMDb rating of 1.3/10.


  • The film (along with Ratatoing) were parodied in an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball titled "The Treasure".
  • The movie was never brought to North America and Japan, and Europe other than UK and Germany. Despite this, the movie was on streaming services like Prime Video and YouTube, as well as being released on DVD Movie Packs. The UK DVD was made by the infamous Brightspark Productions Ltd.

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