The Little Mermaid (GoodTimes)

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The Little Mermaid is a 1992 GoodTimes animated adaptation of the Hans Christian Anderson novel of the same name.


A young mermaid princess risks being turned forever into sea-foam in order to fulfill her dreams of marrying her true love.

Why It Sucks

  1. Choppy, low-key animation, even for 1992.
  2. Several moments in the film flat out rips-off Disney’s adaption of the original book.
    • The way Casandra (the sea witch) does her magic, performs her spells and takes Lena’s voice is exactly how Ursula does her magic and takes Ariel’s voice.
    • The scene where Lena sees Prince Stefan and his crew partying on a ship while watching overboard is exactly how Ariel watches Prince Eric and his crew partying on a similar ship, down to the point where they copy the fireworks part.
    • The fact that Lena has sisters with different colored mermaid tails is exactly like Ariel and her sisters.
  3. Prince Stefan’s design is a full-on copy of Prince Eric’s design (with a ponytail).
  4. Mediocre voice acting and occasionally poorly-done lip syncing.
  5. Vink (Lena’s dolphin friend) is an incredibly whiny and annoying character, stealing personality traits from Flounder, which he is rip-off of.
  6. Very butchered character and story development.
  7. Very poor grasp at the source material and relies more on copying Disney’s own creative adjustments.
  8. There are many animation errors, such as one of the human characters appearing to have green skin.

Redeeming Quality

  1. The only part of the film’s plot it has that’s loyal to the source material is if the mermaid doesn’t marry the prince in time, she’ll turn into sea foam.


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