The Little Lion King 3D

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The Little Lion King is a Chinese 14-minute low-budget CGI animated short film created by Behind The Scenes Media.


A little lion named Sinbad tries to find a way to get to the zoo to see his mother, but he must get help from an elephant named Uncle Elephant and a gazelle named Kelly and avoid a duo of mean hyenas.

Why It Sucks

  1. The title is a ripoff of The Lion KingGMW. The protagonist’s name, Sinbad, sounds similar to Simba's name, and Uncle Elephant and Kelly are just Timon and Pumbaa, but with different animals.
  2. The movie's plot is completely stupid.
  3. Sinbad goes on a quest to find his mother at the zoo at first, but later doesn't care at the middle.
  4. The animation is terrible and cheap, as it looks like the graphics to some old PS1 game.
  5. The characters are bland and also poorly-modeled, especially Sinbad, who looks too similar to Simba from The Lion King.
  6. Bad voice acting with poor lip-syncing to go with it.
  7. Laughable dialogue.
  8. The ending is completely unnecessary, confusing, and a huge cliffhanger. Sinbad's mother is locked in a cage and cries because of the loss of her son and then gets shot by a dart.
  9. It sometimes can get dark and evil-spirited. There's actually blood (in a kids' movie) in the film's climax.
  10. It is inaccurate regarding animal's anatomy, Kelly has a large and disturbing udder while a real gazelles' udder is way smaller in comparison.
  11. Lots of padding to increase the movie's running time, like a whole entire scene of the hyena duo chasing Kelly in the climax, which last for 30 seconds.
  12. Generic soundtrack.
  13. Misleading title: Sinbad does not become a king and doesn't even grow up. The title was obviously made only to cash in on The Lion King.
  14. The hyenas are given roars, even though they don't roar in real life.
  15. The people behind the movie were so lazy (other than stealing an existing movie), that the poster itself was simply made on a computer.





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You were not kidding when you said the film was extremely dark.

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