The Little Cars in the Great Race

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The Little Cars in the Great Race
The Little Cars in the Great Race.jpg
This is Big Rigs if it was a movie and had cars instead of trucks. Should have been "The Stupid Little Cars in the Great Disgrace".
Genre: Racing
Directed By: Cristiano Valente
Written By: Cristiano Valente
Starring: Booth Daniels
Penny McSeller
Jimmy Hengarter
Matt & Seth Rockman
Holden Saunders
Matt Burton
Photography: Color
Distributed By: Video Brinquedo
Release Date: June 20, 2006
Runtime: 34 minutes
Country: Brazil
Sequel: The Little Cars: Rodopolis Adventures

The Little Cars in the Great Race (Os Carrinhos em: A Grande Corrida in Portuguese) is a mockbuster film released on June 20th, 2006 by Video Brinquedo, which was made to cash-in on the popularity of Cars, which was released later that year.


A delivery car named Tony Tunado ("tunado" being slang for a modified car; Cruise in the US) has a dream of being a race car. His chance may come soon when the big race comes to town.

Why It Sucks

  1. This, of course, is a mockbuster of Cars:
    • Tony (Cruise in the US dub) is a ripoff of Lightning McQueen
    • Kombo (Lugnut in the US dub) is a ripoff of Mater.
    • Cris (Coupe in the US dub) is a ripoff of Sally
    • Mr. V8 is a ripoff of Doc Hudson
    • Victor (Wrangler in the US dub) is a ripoff of Chick Hicks
    • Cruise (The Champ in the US dub) is a ripoff of Strip "The King" Weathers
  2. Ugly CGI, just like every other Video Brinquedo film.
  3. Dull, ugly, and terrible colors.
  4. The lip-syncing is awful. Whenever the characters speak, their mouths move in a really weird manner, the most noticeable example being when Kombo talks.
  5. Very awful special effects, such as in one scene where Victor deploys an oil launcher, causing an oil spill, it is just a freeze-frame.
  6. The voice acting ranges from being decent to just plain terrible.
  7. Repetitive, annoying and monotonous music which is basically a poorly-scored 10 second music track looped throughout its entire runtime for 34 minutes straight.
  8. The characters have creepy faces (especially Cris).
  9. Weak and predictable plot.
  10. Unlikable characters like Kombo and Mr. V8.
  11. Tony is a very uninteresting main character who barely does anything in the movie.
  12. Awful car puns like "You're the wheel-deal!"
  13. Boring and bland romance between Tony and Cris.
  14. The training scenes of Victor and Cruise are very boring to watch.
  15. The programmers were too lazy to make CGI models for the secondary characters, so they RECYCLED the same car model for each citizen, the pit stop team members of Victor and Cruise, and the policemen. The same case goes with the rest of the racers; they recycled the same model of Cruise for each one, they almost look like clones!
  16. The scene when Cruise drinks the altered gasoline and passes out is very pathetic.
  17. Unexplained plot holes. For example, why were there nails in the middle of the racetrack in the final lap and why they only affected Victor and not Tony?
  18. The "Great Race" is extremely anti-climatic: despite never have training for a race before, Tony somehow surpasses all the racers and arrives where Victor is, and, as said in WIS #15, in the final lap, some nails appear in the middle of the racetrack, Victor passes over them, his tires are deflated, leaving him unable to move, Tony surpasses Victor, he wins the "Great Race", Victor gets arrested for trying to poison Cruise (despite the fact that he returns in the sequels), Cris kisses Tony and the movie ends. 
  19. The ending credits song is a rip-off of Back to the Future's main theme.
  20. There was a scene that ripped off a scene from Cars, where Tony and Kombo drive, and then Kombo sings "Cruise (Tony) has a crush on Coupe(Cris)", like how Mater was singing to Lightning McQueen, "You're in love with Miss Sally".
  21. It spawned 7 sequels (yes, seven sequels) that they are nothing more than a bunch of random stories stitched together, which almost look like episodes of a bad animated cartoon series rather than actual sequels.

The ONLY Redeeming Quality

  1. Some funny moments, even if they were unintended.


The Little Cars in the Great Race got negative reviews from audiences.

The Movie



  • Some elements of the film have strange parallels in Pixar's Cars 3: despite that movie not being released until 11 years after this one, these parallels are: A yellow car who becomes a racer (with a similar name), the villain being painted black, and the big race where the champion is unable to attend.

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El más Correlón Me siento menso La Pol Posición A la gatita le gustan las corridas Yo amo la época de la corrida Esto no tasta pasando soy inisante yo soy el campión yo soy debe ser el campión!

some of the quotesof the brazilian Latin Spanish dub of Little Cars

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Why did I pick up the DVD of this

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Because you were curious about how bad it was going to be.


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Big rigs if it had a movie and had cars instead of trucks!


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Can we make pages for the sequels? I would like to know more about the series.

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