The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure

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The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure
More like "the not-so great valley adventure"...
Genre: musical
Directed By: Roy Allen Smith
Produced By: Roy Allen Smith
Written By: John Loy
John Ludin
Dev Ross
Based On: characters by Judy Freudberg and Tony Geiss
Starring: Scott McAfee
Candace Hutson
Heather Hogan
Jeff Bennett
Rob Paulsen
Cinematography: color
Distributed By: MCA/Universal Home Video
Release Date: December 23, 1994
Runtime: 73 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Franchise: The Land Before Time
Prequel: The Land Before Time
Sequel: The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving

The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure is a 1994 direct to video animated musical adventure film and the first of many sequels to the 1988 film, The Land Before Time.


After his tribe of herbivorous dinosaurs moves to the carnivore-free Peaceful Valley in the animated "The Land Before Time," young brontosaurus Littlefoot (Scott McAfee) and his friends chase after a pair of dangerous dinosaurs stealing an egg from the village. While running, they accidentally cause a landslide that opens up their home to outsiders. When the egg they bring back and hatch reveals not one of their own, but a carnivorous tyrannosaurus, the youngsters decide to secretly raise it.

Not So Great Valley Qualities

  1. The plotline is extremely predictable, as it suffers from loads of clichés, like the "we have to get the baby back" cliché.
  2. Ozzy and Strut are a couple of rather lame and pathetic antagonists.
  3. Uninspired, laughable, cheesy, and poorly-written dialogue.
  4. The idea of Littlefoot and his friends making friends with a Sharptooth doesn’t make any sense due to the fact that a Sharptooth killed Littlefoot’s mother back in the first film.
  5. Like the original movie, this one feels too short, making the pacing feel rough, but at least the first one does better.
  6. It is more juvenile than the original movie because of its more lighthearted tone, which some find off-putting (granted, the first one had its share of lighthearted moments, but still), less serious action, and pointless/unnecessary songs.
  7. Cera can still be unlikable sometimes, though at least not as much as in the first movie.
  8. As mentioned on WIS #6, most of the songs come out of nowhere, and the first movie was not even a musical.
    • Speaking of such, the songs themselves are forgettable, cringe-worthy, and ear-grating.
  9. Some of the dinosaurs in the movie might be too frightening for even younger audiences.
  10. Just like the first film, there are still some animation errors.
  11. The animation, while not terrible and a little cleaner than the first movie, is a little off-balance, cheap, and cut-rate (but that is actually expected for a direct to video animated film) when compared to the original, as it does not have a lot of the charm the original film had.
  12. Unlike the first movie, which did appeal to adult viewers as much as children, this one does not, as it should be worth noting that this sequel is better suited for children.
  13. The message of tolerating those with different lifestyles doesn't work very well because it used a character trying to fit in with members of a group from whom he would kill, to maintain his lifestyle.
  14. It was kind of hypocritical to have them get Candy Hutson reprise her role as Cera, but never get any of the other voice actors, though Judith Barsi not returning was kind of understandable, considering her awful and very tragic death back in 1988 (four months before the original movie was released).
  15. The voice acting, while not that bad, can get annoying at times.
  16. Too many scenes that contain boring filler which has not enough to do with the plot of the movie.

Great Valley Qualities

  1. Some of the songs are good, such as "Eggs", which was a pretty funny song.
  2. Despite being cheap, the animation looks alright for a straight to video film.
  3. Good voice acting, despite it being obnoxious at times, and even with the new actors, while Candace Hutson is the only one who returned to reprise her role as Cera, and her delivery here and in its next two sequels sounds decent. Also, Heather Hogan is an okay replacement for Judith Barsi.
  4. Ducky is still really cute, and even Chomper is a very cute new addition to the series and stole the show.
  5. The characters are still pretty likable.
  6. At least it is not as bad compared to most direct to video sequels of the franchise.
  7. It does continue the story of the first movie, since the first one ended in the Great Valley.
  8. The film can have its moments, like when Littlefoot and Ozzy bump into each other, scream, and unintentionally send everyone else screaming and running blindly through the caves.
  9. Unlike the later sequels, this movie doesn't treat it's target audience like idiots, as it actually tries to let it's audience know what's happening without dumbing it down or explaining it.
  10. Good music by Michael Tavera that tries to emulate James Horner's music from the first movie.
  11. A decent message about accepting responsibility.
  12. The film introduced the character of Chomper, who would later become a signature character to the series.

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