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The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)

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The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)
Human centipede ii xlg.jpg
You thought the first movie was disgusting and disturbing? Brace Yourself
Genre: Horror
Directed By: Tom Six
Produced By: Tom Six
Ilona Six
Written By: Tom Six
Starring: Laurence R. Harvey
Photography: Black & White (Original)
Color (Complete Sequence Rerelease)
Cinematography: David Meadows
Distributed By: Bounty Films (United States)
IFC Midnight (United Kingdom)
Release Date: October 7, 2011
Runtime: 88 minutes (standard)
91 minutes (director's cut)
Country: Netherlands
United Kingdom
Language: English
Box Office: $142,000
Franchise: The Human Centipede
Prequel: The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
Sequel: The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)

The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) is a 2011 horror film, directed by Tom Six. It is a sequel to the 2009 film The Human Centipede (First Sequence).


Martin Lomax is a Britsh man working inside of a tollbooth at a parking garage in London who watches the first Human Centipede film and decides to recreate it by making his own centipede of 12 people.

Why It's 100% Medically Inaccurate

  1. It barely qualifies as a sequel as the original film is apparently a movie within this second film's universe, which destroys all notion that the movie is a sequel, feeling more as a spin-off.
  2. Like the first film, the only thing it has going for it is its shocking premise, with no real cinematic value and no actual plot, lore or message.
    • Also like the first film, there's no real plot to speak of. As the film is nothing more than a plotless depiction of creating the human centipede.
  3. Tom Six has officially crossed the line with this movie: The violence and gore are way too excessive, even for horror standards.
    • After his mother destroys his scrapbook of the first movie, Martin brutally kills her off crushing her head with a crowbar.
    • After realizing he can't create the centipede using the proper medical procedure, Martin connects his victims ass-to-mouth using a staple gun!
      • The worst part is that none of them are sedated during the centipede's creation, they're alive and conscious! Their helpless screaming and the eerie music don't help either.
    • The scene in which a victim in the centipede lets go of it, thus ripping his lips in the process, is extremely painful to watch. Even worse, there's a close-up of the damaged anus of the young man who was in front of him.
    • The scene in which Martin brutally rapes a young woman at the end of the centipede, after wrapping his dick in barbed wire! And it goes for a minute and half straight! It's arguably the most disturbing scene in the movie.
    • The infamous scene in which newborn baby's head gets crushed.
  4. All the characters are flat, with no development, and are completely unlikable.
    • Martin is a completely bland, vile and despicable villain with no redeeming qualities as he literally abducts everyone he comes across for the centipede. He's also a poor depiction of an intellectually disabled person, and his obsession with the movie is very upsetting to watch: How come he be that obsessed as to make a scrapbook of the movie with notes and everything? The fact that he also tried to lure the first movie's actors in order to put them in the centipede makes him even more awful.
    • Hypocrisy: Mrs. Lomax, Martin's mother, defends her husband even after it's implied he raped Martin (She also blames Martin due to her husband being in prison) when he was an infant (not depicted); yet, when she discovers Martin's scrapbook that resembles the movie, she destroys it. So she's OK with her husband doing vile things, but not Martin? Then again, given how despicable her character is, this was likely intentional to make the audience despise her even more.
    • Because of this, and the sheer darkness of everything, there's basically nothing and no one to care about.
  5. There is no reason for the movie to appear in black and white besides trying to be edgy and dark. Though apparently, this was actually a result of executive meddling from the distributors, who pressured Tom Six into making the film black and white in order to make the film look less disturbing (whether it actually worked or not depends on who you ask). If you purchase "The Human Centipede: Complete Sequence", you can watch it in colour, but we really doubt that'll help.
  6. Even if one ignores the film's extreme gore and grotesque content, it still has a very mean-spirited and depressing tone.
  7. Apparently, this movie is supposed to be a dark comedy. Yes, you heard that correctly, we are supposed to find everything happening in the movie hilarious, but instead, you will find yourself feeling either horrified or physically sick after watching this movie, and not once will you be laughing.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The film was in black in white, and although it was hard to tell what was going on, we probably don't want to know...
  2. Just like its prequel, the movie probably wasn't meant to be enjoyed to begin with.
  3. Martin’s back story was upsetting at times, and was a good idea with a bad execution.
  4. Just like the first film, the human centipede complete sequence still provides the shock value that it was intended to have.


The movie received mostly negative reviews, with a 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. Criticism focused on its (lack of) plot, excessive violence, and lack of depth.


The movie was censored for its UK and Australia releases, with 2 minutes 37 seconds and 30 seconds cut from it, respectively. It was outright banned in New Zealand.


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