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The Happy Cricket and the Giant Bugs

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The Happy Cricket and the Giant Bugs
The Happy Cricket.jpg
You're better off watching the original movie.
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Walbercy Ribas

Rafael Ribas

Produced By: Juliana Ribas
Written By: Walbercy Ribas
Distributed By: 20th Century Fox
Release Date: 2009
Country: Brazil
Language: Brazilian portuguese
Prequel: The Happy Cricket

The Happy Cricket and the Giant Bugs (O Grilo Feliz e os Insetos Gigantes) is a Brazilian computer animated feature film, released on January 9, 2009. The film is the sequel to The Happy Cricket released in 2001. It was nominated for Best Movie at the 2009 Chicago International Children's Film Festival.


The film tells the story of a cricket who sings, spreading joy to his friends. One day, the Happy Cricket discovers giant fossils, and that's where the problems begin, which will be faced against the evil robot mantis Trambika. Besides Cricket, there is Petala, which Cricket falls in love with, and the group of rapper frogs, who want to record a CD and become famous.

Bad Qualities

  1. False advertising: The name and cover of the film imply that the giant bugs will appear as the main antagonists of the film, but the only living giant bug that appears in the film is Trambika, who is just a robot built by Verdugo (the real villain), and the other giant bugs that appear in the movie are just fossils that the characters discover at the beginning.
  2. The 3D models of the new characters are weird and some are even ugly, but the worst thing is the poorly polished and blurry textures that are present in basically every character in the movie.
  3. The film's story is very confused and rushed, which makes it difficult to tell whether it is good or bad.
  4. The Happy Cricket, the protagonist, is very cowardly and rarely does anything heroic in this film, as when the frogs kidnap Petala, which was his romantic interest, he just doesn't do anything because he's afraid to face the frogs, and after that he finds out that music has been pirated from him to sell on the market, he also doesn't do anything about it and has to be convinced by his rival to catch the bad guys.
  5. There are some slightly disturbing scenes in this movie, especially the scene where Leonardo is sleeping in his bedroom and has a nightmare where his whole house is shaking while a voice in the background yells at him to be careful and then one of the bedroom windows opens with one eye of a giant bug outside watching him.
  6. For some reason, the frog band seem to be more prominent in this film than Happy Cricket itself.
  7. Several supporting characters from the first film barely appear in this one, with the exception of Leonardo and Barnaby.
  8. There are some nonsense scenes like at the end when all the characters are singing, Trambika's head starts singing the song along with them, How is it possible for her to sing if she was destroyed?
    • And how was Verdugo sent to jail if he was devoured by Leonardo's machine?.

Good Qualities

  1. Verdugo has a good role as a manipulative villain in the film.
  2. Many of the new characters are nice, like Petala and the frogs.
  3. The movie has a good soundtrack.
  4. The voice acting is pretty decent.
  5. Aside from the poorly polished textures and backgrounds, the animation is kind of decent.



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