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The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer

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The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer
Genre: Action
Directed By: Eduardo Schuldt
Produced By: Lorenzo Von Lorch
Written By: Sergio Bambarén
Based On: The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer (Book)
Distributed By: 20th Century Fox
Release Date: October 9 2009
Runtime: 86 Minutes
Country: Peru

The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer is a 2009 Peruvian 3D animated film from 20th Century Fox and Dolphin Films, produced by Lorenzo Von Lorch and directed by Eduardo Schuldt. The book that gave rise to the film and the script were written by Sergio Bambarén.


Daniel is a young dolphin who decides to separate himself from his group to venture into the unknown vastness of the oceans. But he has one goal: to discover his life's purpose. The journey will not be easy, of course, as Daniel will face dangers and challenges, meet friends and many enemies. Still, he will move on, always listening to the voice of his heart and believing his instincts.

Why It Will Not Follow Your Dreams

  1. Well, first of all, there are LOTS of unnecessary and long filler scenes, most of them full of childish and weird dialogue, that look like they were done by a five year old. The biggest example of this is the terrible scene where Daniel and Carl meet Squishy, ​​a baby fish, and Carl starts spoiling and talking in a very annoying way to him for about five minutes before his mother finally shows up.
    1. Another good example of this is when Daniel meets Mr. Bite, which, although it is a scene with a little more meaning than the one mentioned before, is still VERY long and boring, and the characters talk too much, so much so that it gets to the point of getting sick to watch.
  2. Carl, the "helper" friend Daniel meets during his journey, is a very annoying and annoying comic relief character, and worst of all, he is a complete filler character, as he does absolutely NOTHING in the plot besides following Daniel and making stupid and forced comments to try to be funny.
    1. Also, when he first met Daniel, he somehow showed that he had some sort of invisible ability, something he could have used at some point in the movie, but it ended up being a missed opportunity to make the character seem a little more useful.
  3. The movie's humor is abysmal and by far one of the worst things, relying mostly on gross-out jokes like when the characters start eating coins from a treasure they find in a sunken ship near the end of the movie, but the worst is undoubtedly the scene in which Spike, a baby dolphin starts releasing fart bubbles into the water and starts to BREATHE through one of them.
  4. Almost all characters are forgettable and uninteresting, and some seem like they're just there for filler, like Mr. Bite the Sunfish and the worst of them all, Squishy and his mother.
  5. Due to the low budget, the animation is very dated and weird, with terrible character movements, but the biggest highlight is the characters' horribly lazy facial expressions, especially for the supporting characters.
  6. Speaking of animation, another big problem with this is the visuals, which are simply atrocious, both because of the simple and poorly detailed backgrounds and the character designs that easily enter Uncanny Valley, and some are even disgusting and agonizing to be see, with Maitre's servants being the prime example. Also, the "art style" in this film is basically non-existent, as the film can't seem to decide between using cartoonish character designs, like Daniel and Carl, or more realistic character designs, like Maitre and Mr. bite.
  7. Lucius, the main villain, is terribly creepy and disturbing, with his design looking like an ugly monster puppet straight out of an old horror movie, and can easily terrify younger viewers.
  8. Speaking of Lucius, there are several disturbing scenes with his character, highlighted by the scene where he is sleeping in the depths of the ocean while the camera takes a close on his eye as he wakes up.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least the plot is decent.
  2. The most acceptable character in the movie is Lucius, who plays a good role as an antagonist, although he's scary for younger audiences as stated earlier.
  3. The scene where Daniel met on his journey gather to help against Lucius's barracuda army is the best scene in the movie.
  4. The water animation looks good for a low budget movie.
  5. The idea that the film gives of always following your dream is very good.
  6. The soundtrack, although repetitive is good at least, especially the song "La Aventura del Mar" by Diego Torres, which is by far the best thing in the whole movie.


In 2016 a sequel to the film called "The Dolphin 2: Beyond the Reef" was revealed, but almost nothing is known about this sequel.



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