The Creeping Terror

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The Creeping Terror
Genre: Horror
Directed By: Vic Savage
Written By: Robert Silliphant
Starring: Vic Savage
Shannon O'Neil
William Thourlby
John Caresio
Photography: Black and white
Distributed By: Crown International Pictures
Release Date: November 20, 1964
Runtime: 74 minutes
Country: United States

The Creeping Terror (or The Crawling Monster) is a 1964 American horror film directed by and starring Vic Savage.


An alien slug creature begins attacking the residents of a small American town.

Why It Sucks

  1. The movie's sole purpose was to make money. Vic Savage (under the pseudonym A.J. Nelson) used his familial connections to attract investors with the promise of a part in the film.
  2. The movie's production was troubled.
    • When the costume designer wasn't paid, he left and stole the finished costume, forcing the crew to hastily construct the inferior model used in the final film.
    • Several of the actors wearing the monster costume fainted due to heat exhaustion.
    • The film was planned to be shot at Lake Tahoe, but they were eventually forced to shoot at a muddy pond instead.
  3. Terrible acting: no one in the film shows any emotion, or reacts realistically to anything. Heck, at one point, one of the actors can be seen laughing as he gets eaten.
  4. The film's recorded dialogue was apparently unusable, so the entire movie was just narrated.
    • Said narrator seems to have ADD, constantly pausing to talk about other topics.
  5. The soundtrack doesn't fit the tone of any of the scenes.
  6. At one point, reversed stock footage of an ICBM launch is used to represent an alien ship landing.
  7. The monster is difficult to take seriously, considering it resembles a carpet.
  8. Everyone in the film is stupid, incompetent, or both.
  9. The people the monster eats don't actually get eaten; they climb into the monster's mouth.
  10. A lot of plot-irrelevant scenes drag on and on for no reason.
  11. The monsters are defeated in anti-climatic ways: one by a hand grenade, and another by hitting it with a car.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The film is so bad that it's hilarious.

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