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The Christmas Light

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The Christmas Light
This light is most certainly dim.
Genre: Animation
Starring: Evan Dee
Amy Donofrio
James Grotto
Dan Haggerty
Jamie Horton
Jerry Lonergan
Photography: Color
Release Date: 1995
Runtime: 23 minutes
Country: United States
Sequel: The Christmas Brigade

The Christmas Light is a 1995 Christmas CGI-animated film, billed as the first fully-CGI animated Christmas film. It was only ever released on VHS.


Burton Lemon, an oft-bullied genius elf inventor in Santa's toy factory, gets turned into an evil snowman after an accident with one of his machines. It is now up to Santa, fellow elf Isaac, and a girl named Jennifer to stop Burton and save Christmas.

Why It Sucks

  1. The movie was made solely to cash in on the CGI craze started by Toy Story, even going as far as to claim "If you liked "Toy Story" you'll love The Christmas Light!". This caused Phelan Porteous to sum it up as "If you like state-of-the-art-for-the-time 3D animation, then you'll LOVE whatever the hell this is!!"
  2. The VHS tape was recorded in Extended Play (EP) mode AND encoded with Macrovision copy protection, despite only being 23 minutes long, and as such, the video quality is terrible (and thus is EVEN worse with Macrovision).
  3. The CGI animation can be blocky, primitive and jerky, even for 1995 standards.
  4. Many of the backgrounds and props are untextured, drab, and barren.
  5. There are numerous clipping problems with the character models.
  6. Terrible acting; none of the voice actors read their lines with any emotion.
  7. Extremely intrusive narrating.
  8. The quality of the voice recordings can be wooden, with numerous pops and mic feedback.
  9. The movie's character portrayals and moral are terrible: apparently, Burton is supposed to have learned a lesson, and apologizes to Santa and Isaac, despite the fact that it was Santa, Isaac, and all the other elves who had bullied him in the first place.
  10. As mentioned, although Santa and Isaac are the heroes, they're not very sympathetic, and in fact, come off as apathetic jerks.
  11. For some reason, Santa's workshop looks like a prison.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The movie can be considered a "so bad its good" movie.
  2. The CGI animation (while being blocky) at least looks decent compared to the sequel, and it has some good qualities such as having a lot of effort and notable expressions.


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