The Amazing Bulk

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The Amazing Bulk
The Amazing Bulk (2010) DVD cover art.jpg
Don't make him bulky, He doesn't like it if he's bulky.
Genre: Superhero
Directed By: Lewis Schoenbrun
Produced By: Lewis Schoenbrun
David S. Sterling
Written By: Keith Schaffner
Jeremiah Campbell
Starring: Jordan Lawson
Shevaun Kastl
Terence Lording
Juliette Angeli
Jed Rowen
Randal Malone
Photography: Color
Cinematography: Dennis Devine
Distributed By: Tomcat Films
Wild Eye Releasing (Re-release)
Release Date: April 17, 2012
May 19, 2015 (Re-release)
Runtime: 76 minutes
Country: United States
Budget: $14,000

The Amazing Bulk is a rip-off of The Incredible Hulk directed by Lewis Schoenbrun and made in 2008, but not released until 2012. The film was produced by Tomcat Films and distributed by Wild Eye Releasing.


The film begins with a young woman walking on the street. Unfortunately, a mugger is about to kill her with a gun as a giant purple monster appears. He kills her as the monster starts to roar. Upon seeing the monster, the mugger shoots him and drops his gun. The monsters then runs away. The police arrive and a picture of the victim is taken. Detective Ray Garton and Lisa Tuttle see purple blood on the ground. One day earlier, government research scientist Henry "Hank" Howard is creating a serum that will increase the user's strength and longevity with his co-worker.

Why It Sucks

  1. It's an obvious ripoff of 2008's The Incredible Hulk.
  2. The CGI is some kind of joke. This is the result of the entire movie being filmed on a green screen.
  3. The "special effects" are stock graphics you can find on the internet.
  4. Terrible acting, not helped by the fact that the entire movie was filmed on a green screen; as a result, when they are supposed to be running, they look like they are walking or jogging instead.
  5. The design for the Bulk looks like blob-esque version of Marvel Comics' Thanos.
  6. Multiple plot holes.
  7. Absolutely abysmal cinematography.
  8. The chase scene near the end makes no sense whatsoever; Bulk is chased by aliens, goblins and a flying pug superhero (presumably the villain's pet) as he runs through obvious cartoony environments passing by Robin Hood, Zeus and a gecko on a laptop before getting nuked along with a Luigi look-alike, and the chase ends there. Strangely enough, Bulk kinda looks like a fat version of Thanos when he was running.
  9. They actually put a negative review on the DVD cover, NO JOKE! (Though it's ironically accurate, according to Pointer #11)
  10. Painfully awful writing.
  11. The entire movie (Including the aforementioned CGI) is cringe worthy.
  12. Like The Room, none of the characters get any character development.
  13. The opening title of the movie and the credits literally use Comic Sans.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Director Lewis Schonenbrun gave a thank you message and a custom made Bulk bust to the critic, I Hate Everything, claiming that he "welcomes all comments, good and bad!", which proves the creator can handle criticism.
  2. It created the "I hate dust" meme, along with others.
  3. Despite Pointer #9, the film (especially the CGI scenes, like the two chase scenes) is so bad, it's hilarious.
  4. This movie was likely meant as a joke.


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21 months ago
Score 2
The Amazing I Mock Hulk


20 months ago
Score 7

I managed to watch this movie on Amazon Prime..

I regret ever doing it..


2 months ago
Score 1
I feel so sorry for you


7 months ago
Score 3
If this page actually fit the sum of all the bad things about this movie, it would take forever to read. In case ANYONE is wondering, this movie is actually just horrible. In which case, the creator obviously created the movie as a joke. Just look at the Bulk when he's running. If you thought Cats was bad... Jesus...


6 months ago
Score 2


6 months ago
Score 3
This movie is Thanos' origin story

No bias

4 months ago
Score 2

you're right but I will give another title

thanos chase by some weird things for no reason


5 months ago
Score 3


2 months ago
Score 1
Something tells me this was meant to be as bad as possible.

Grammar guy

2 months ago
Score 1


2 months ago
Score 2
What the hell is that?!


2 months ago
Score 4
Well, it ain't Barney the purple dinosaur!


one day 8 hours 3 minutes ago
Score 0
Why do I want to watch this now?

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