The Adventures of Chris Fable

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The Adventures of Chris Fable, also known as The Wylds, is a 2010 independently-made family film. It is a loose adaptation of the novel The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan.


A runaway child named Chris lives in a junkyard in a post-apocalyptic world, being forced to steal in order to survive. When he gets word that his father, whom he had long assumed was dead, is still alive, he begins a journey across the country to find and make up with his father.

Why It Sucks

  1. Laughably poor production values throughout, making it obvious that the film-makers over-extended themselves in trying to make a movie with such big scope on such a small budget.
  2. Bad acting all around, with the title character being arguably the worst of the lot.
  3. Rips some of its dialogue directly from The Pilgrim's Progress, which ends up sounding very awkward considering that said novel was written in the 17th century, and the film's original dialogue doesn't match it in tone or style.
  4. Has almost nothing in common with its source novel, other than the main character being called Chris(tian) and going on a journey. If anything, Chris's character - an orphan who steals in order to survive, and works under a greedy, unscrupulous adult - feels more like something out of Oliver Twist.
  5. The special effects are for the most part cheap and terrible-looking, with the only decent ones appearing to be stock effects shots that the producers bought.
  6. Clichéd and ham-fisted Christian message.
  7. The backstory heavily implies that Chris ran away from home because his father was abusive, but then acts as though Chris is the one who needs to be making things up to his father! Not exactly a family-friendly message.
  8. Annoying editing, with all sorts of weird transitions and color tints being applied to the footage.
  9. Awful cinematography, which can make it hard to work out what's meant to be going on in certain scenes.
  10. The "post-apocalyptic" world doesn't feel very post-apocalyptic at all, and is just depicted via some forests, a junkyard, and a couple of abandoned buildings. What's more, it seems that despite civilization having collapsed, there are still enough dentists around that Chris was able to get some high-quality braces!
  11. The posters - at least the ones which call it The Adventures of Chris Fable - try to make it look like some kind of Harry Potter-like fantasy film, even though it's really more of a sci-fi film with one or two vague fantasy elements. The ones that call it by its original name, The Wylds are actually more accurate, depicting it as more of an adventure film.


No professional critics on Rotten Tomatoes have reviewed the film, likely due to its obscure nature. However, it has an audience score of just 17%.

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