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The Adventures of Acela

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The Adventures of Acela
Genre: Childrens
Directed By: Özgür Dogruöz
Written By: Özgür Dogruöz
Starring: Mike Carnes
Nic Ferg
Ashley Mellinger
Distributed By: Özgür Dogruöz Film
Release Date: 2020
Runtime: 70 minutes
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish

The Adventures of Acela is a 2020 Turkish animated children's film directed by Özgür Dogruöz. It was later dubbed into English.


Açela and her friends go into the jungle to find the Taleteller and complete a quest for him.

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible animation, even for 2020 standards.
    • The character models all look extremely ugly, creepy, and low-quality.
    • Many of the character models and animations are either purchased or stock animations.
    • There's no consistency between the models; many of them don't go together well, like Acela, who looks cartoonish, and her father, who looks realistic.
    • Weird and unrealistic animations; the characters all move in sync.
  2. The story is basically nothing but padding; there are scenes that go on for minutes with absolutely nothing happening.
  3. There are many pointless characters (like the troll) that just appear and then never again.
  4. Terrible voice acting; no one puts any emotion into any of their lines.
  5. In the English version, the lines sound weird and make little sense, probably because the person writing them didn't know English well.
  6. The movie actually tries to throw a lesson at the viewers: to go to school, despite the plot having nothing to do with it. It even throws out a bunch of quotes about education in the credits.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The alien dance scene is kind of funny to watch, if only because there's nothing else in the movie.


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