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|Running Time=
|Release Date=
|Directed by=
|Written by=
|Distributed by=


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Using the following

|Image = StarWarsHS.jpg
|Genre = Science-fiction
|Running Time = 98 minutes
|Country = United States
|Release Date = November 17, 1978
|Directed by = Steve Binder<br>David Acomba (uncredited)
|Written by = Pat Proft<br>Leonard Ripps<br>Bruce Vilanch<br>Rod Warren<br>Mitzie Welch
|Distributed by = 20th Century-Fox Television
|Starring = Harrison Ford<br>Peter Mayhew<br>Mark Hamill<br>Carrie Fisher<br>Anthony Daniels<br>Mickey Morton<br>Paul Gale<br>Patty Maloney<br>Art Carney<br>Bea Arthur<br>Diahann Caroll<br>Harvey Korman<br>Jefferson Starship<br>David Prowse
|Prequel = 
|Sequel = 

results in this (normally aligned to the right of the page):

Genre: Science-fiction
Running Time: 98 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: November 17, 1978
Directed by: Steve Binder
David Acomba (uncredited)
Written by: Pat Proft
Leonard Ripps
Bruce Vilanch
Rod Warren
Mitzie Welch
Distributed by: 20th Century-Fox Television
Starring: Harrison Ford
Peter Mayhew
Mark Hamill
Carrie Fisher
Anthony Daniels
Mickey Morton
Paul Gale
Patty Maloney
Art Carney
Bea Arthur
Diahann Caroll
Harvey Korman
Jefferson Starship
David Prowse

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