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This is nothing but an very poor excuse over this live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast by writing an immature thread that he thinks that hatred on live-action films are unpopular. -_-

Summary by Stephenfisher2001

If you wanted us to deleted all of the live-action film by being immature and think that our hatred on live-action films, too bad.

MrMattHedrich (talkcontribs)


I may respect you opinions, but this remake is enjoyable as the original 1991, but in it's own ways!!!!

Seanbuscus2600 (talkcontribs)

You claim to respect opinions yet you contradict yourself right after. The fact that you're raging over an article about a remake shows that you lack decency and common sense.

Stephenfisher2001 (talkcontribs)

MrMatt, that thread is nothing, but an immature thread you claimed that can respect opinions, but going on a huge temper raged over a page that we added here and you are mad that we made this article and you claimed that live-action Disney films hatred on remakes are unpopular without any good reasons? We do not hate Disney, nor Pixar, but we added almost all of the live action films, and why do you think we added those here?

Why? Because, almost none of those live-action Disney remakes are generally good, and live-action Disney films on original animated movies has tons of flaws, a lot of flaws, and plus, The movie is nothing, but it proves Hollywood's ideology of trying tho make those older Disney films into "everything old is new again" films by remaking this original animated Disney films to another. Yes, it may be a good thing, but many of them, such as directors, or producers managed to screw things up, and added them on this wiki if they're too flawed to be on sister wiki, we also added the remakes of such as this film, The Lion King, Aladdin in here. I get it, you liked this remake, but guess what? It's our opinion, not ours.

Robertoiglesias271 (talkcontribs)

MrMattHedrich please understand that this is all subjective and please actually respect other's opinions.

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