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I was just saying myself how it was weird that there are no deltas, betas, or mid-rank wolves. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who noticed. I'm pretty much a wolf, dinosaur, echidna, and cat expert myself and I can tell this movie has very unrealistic expectations for wolves. Hell, they don't even look like wolves, they're more like foxes or their domesticated cousins. Another unrealistic telling point is "howling with an "omega"", even though the character was clearly a white wolf. Just because wolves are white doesn't make them omegas. Albino, arctic, or even just generic white wolves in real life have been noted as being alpha wolves and don't have dark markings. That's just how they're born. And honestly, I actually disagree with the "repopulation" plot element. Wolves can breed whenever they want, their population is fine. They, like humans, are on the "Least Concern" category in conservation for a good reason. If it were Ethiopian wolves or Red wolves, that would b somewhat understandable, but these are ordinary gray wolves. Plus, moving them away from their home with their family groups and dumping them into Idaho is actually pretty cruel because Idaho is known for being a wolf hating state. If a hunter sees them, they're dead, no questions asked. The Idaho state is notorious for killing wolves, coyotes, and feral domestic dogs purely for fun. Never bring wolves to Idaho, guys.
As for the innuendo, I'm guessing the anatomy has to do with the knot? Yeah, that is pretty creepy, especially for a kids movie. Just, stop using sexual jokes or pain (the rock hitting his crotch) in "childrens'" movies, producers. That's a no-go. Honestly, I feel like I can write a way better wolf movie than Alpha, Omega, and Zero Betas.Donutbandit (talk) 00:04, 6 August 2019 (UTC)