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Is it just me or...

I have not seen the new Aladdin yet, but it's been said here that "A Friend Like Me" in the remake was turned into a generic rap song. I don't really know the song in question well, but there was a promotional talk segment with Will Smith and Mena Massoud playing in theaters before the film was released, and the "A Friend Like Me" playing in that... I think that was the original. Definitely didn't seem like generic rap to me.

Can anyone else confirm that Disney is using the original songs in the promotional material instead of what's actually in film? cause that could fall under false advertising.

New Information

Disregard the last point I made, I expected worse.

I would like to factually state there are two versions of "A Friend Like Me" in the remake, the one that plays in the movie, and the one that plays during the end credits. The one in the credits plays out like a generic rap song, but the one in the movie is way closer to (and very faithful to) the original. the in-movie version is also the version that played in the promotional material.

I actually watched this film last Sunday.

Please help.