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Super Kid

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This is not how you make like Dragon Ball.

Super Kid, also named Super Child in Korea, is an animated Korean movie created in 1996. The movie is considered to be a rip-off of the Dragon Ball anime series.


A reporter named Joo Eun Joo receives the job of capturing the Super Kid on video. The Super Kid is tasked with defeating Judogwi, a space criminal.

Why It Sucks

  1. The title is super generic and misleading, as there are only adults (senior citizens and one alien) in this group. Gokdari looks like the only kid of the group, but later it's revealed that he's actually 199 years old.
  2. As mentioned above, it's a rip-off of the Dragon Ball anime series. In fact, Gokdari is a rip-off of Goku and Joo Eun Joo is a rip-off of Bulma.
  3. The plot inconsistencies are massive.
  4. Some parts of the movie are very convenient.
  5. The animation is so bad, especially in the battle scenes, that it can get tedious.
  6. The camera never stops in the English dub, and the weird thing is that this decision seems to be intentional as the other dubs don't have this problem.
  7. There's a badly animated scene where Judogwi is choking Maio, the scene is funny because the animation is so bad that Maio is completely emotionless.
  8. The Super Kids are supposedly a secret group, but later it's revealed that they fight villains as a job and live in an office that everybody knows the location of.(long story short , they act like bounty hunters).
  9. Rock Pile, one of the heroes, was absent in the battle against the villains at the beginning and is not seen in the office.
  10. To reach the planet of Judogwi spent 10 days, but later Gokdari and Rock Pile spent few hours to reach Earth and Judogwi's Planet in a round trip.
  11. Maio, the henchman of Judogwi is supposedly an evil guy, but later he redeems himself and becomes a good guy, without a logical explanation other than Gokdari reminding him about his lost son.
  12. Pointless sub-plot, about Maio's lost son and the fact he looks like Gokdari.
  13. Judogwi has two forms, in which he's powerful in his second form, he later reverts to his first form to defeat the Super Kid.
  14. There's a moment where Gokdari and Rock Pile fight the evil Police Guy, (who the audience knew was evil from the beginning of the film and spent 10 days to kill his boss) the battle against him could be memorable, but as soon the action was developing, they ruined it with stupidities.
  15. The Super Kids are so stupid, that they attack anybody without letting them speak.
  16. Gokdari has the power of growing, but he doesn't use it until the end of the movie.
  17. Judogwi is a very stupid villain. He has a weak point, a red ball in his stomach that gives him his superpowers and he told Maio about it. A real villain never tells his weaknesses, thus it forces the hero(es) to figure them out. He is also too dark, meaning that we can not tell what he looks like other than his second form.
  18. Maio sacrifices himself to destroy the ball, because if it's destroyed it will explode and instead of just throwing it to space he sacrifices himself.
  19. The scene where Judogwi and Maio fight is very suggestive, especially the part where Maio threatens to destroy Judogwi's ball sounds like an innuendo.
  20. Maio can easily take out Judogwi's ball.
  21. How can the destruction of the ball make Gokdari's Power Pole Magic Staff rebuild itself?

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The movie, it's like watching an involuntary comedy, in fact makes you laugh for how stupid can be at times.


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